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Superstar sales teams are at the heart of business growth and success. Our sales recruiters have an eye for finding the highly skilled sales professionals who are capable of supporting business initiatives and playing a vital role in exceeding those company-wide goals. We’re the sales headhunters who can find you the employees you’re proud to introduce to your boss.

Do you need new sales talent?

Your sales team is responsible for two essential functions that make your business successful:

  1. New business – Selling products and services to potential buyers.
  2. Repeat business – Maintaining positive relationships with existing clients.

Our sales recruiters will find professionals who are the savvy and trusted liaisons between clients and your company – which means you want to feel confident that you hire people who can accurately, genuinely and passionately represent your company.

When you hire top sales talent, you add a variety of assets to your team:

Expert communication skills

Spirited networking efforts

Goal-oriented mindset

Product and service knowledge

What kinds of positions can our sales recruitment firm fill?

Sales Development

Responsible for acquiring new business, these employees secure leads, develop new client relationships and manage strategic outreach and sourcing. Essentially, they seal the deal.

These new business roles include, but are not limited to:

Customer Success

These sales professionals have a knack for managing and maintaining relationships after the point of sale. With the right skills and finesse, they secure repeat business.

Potential positions under this sales umbrella include:

Account Executive

With more experience in the sales field, Account Executives can oversee many clients and manage the entire sales process from beginning to end. They can sell products and services, lead business development and manage client relationships.

Positions we fill in the Account Executive role include:

  • Entry level
  • Mid-Market
  • Enterprise
  • Strategic
  • Senior
  • Remote

Sales Veterans

These sales professionals are established in the field, bringing experience and insights to senior positions.

From C-suite to top of the food chain, these high-class roles include:

  • Regional Sales Manager
  • Chief Sales Officer
  • Director of Business Development
  • Sales Director
  • Chief Revenue Officer
  • Vice President of Sales

Industry Specific Sales Recruits

You don’t want just any sales talent: you want the candidates who know what they’re talking about and bring their own customer relationships with them. No phony sales guys here. This is where our technical sales recruiters shine. Whether they have experience in the field or are quick to learn, your sales professionals must be fluent in the industry-specific language that your clients and customers use.

That’s why we recruit employees across different specialties and industries, such as:

Location Based Sales Staffing

Ready to build an elite sales team?

As a leading sales recruitment firm, CulverCareers can match you with sales professionals who complement your needs and culture.

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