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Hiring in Massachusetts looks a whole lot different than hiring in any other state. The job market also varies from city to city within the Bay State – living and working in Lowell is a far cry from what it’s like in Boston.

That’s why our Boston sales recruiters are available to provide the local understanding that matters when it comes to finding the right employees. We know your market as well as you do, so you can rest assured that we’ve got the chops to join your hiring team. It’s that local touch that could make all the difference to your next hire.

Why Boston?

Your prospects are interested in the position – but are they interested in your city? Our sales recruiters in Boston can help sell your location as much as we do your company and the position.

Boston hits that small-town-meets-big-city balance better than anywhere else in the States. It’s home to some of the nation’s most prominent historical events and sites, the majority of which you can experience by following a red line painted on the city streets, more commonly known as The Freedom Trail. The city is also excitingly modern, with a diverse and innovative culinary scene, plus a significant amount of college students breathing fresh life into Boston every semester.

The city’s unofficial religion is sport, with many referring to Fenway Park as “church.” Along with the Boston Red Sox, there’s the Celtics, Bruins, Patriots and Revolution to cheer on. Breweries and museums are never hard to find in Boston, and each neighborhood has its own distinct culture, making the city a dynamic and diverse place to call home. Boston winters can be tough, but when the temperature warms up, Bostonians flock to Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket for glorious weekends away at the beach.

If the candidates are already locals, we can shift the conversation to focus on commute, namely the perks of a flexible work schedule or transportation reimbursement programs, as many a Bostonian knows how unpredictable the MBTA can be. It also helps to lean on one thing most locals have in common: Boston pride.

Plus, we have insider access to the established sales professionals with strong reputations in the area, alerting them to the opportunity even if they aren’t currently looking for a new position. You want the best sales talent that Boston has to offer – and we can deliver those resumes straight to your inbox.

Our Boston sales headhunters cultivate and connect you with the candidates who are excited about the entire package – eager to start living and working in Boston as soon as you say “welcome to the team.”

Let’s talk Boston sales recruiting

What kinds of roles can our sales recruiters in Boston fill?

Whether it’s the sports, arts, history or academics that seals the deal, Boston has a lot going for it to attract new dwellers. While the cost of living in the city can be high, commuting in from the suburbs is a feasible option. Needless to say, Boston is a favorable place for sales professionals to build fulfilling careers.

From entry-level sales reps to veterans in the field, we can help you find the sales talent to fill the gaps on your team. Our experienced Boston sales headhunters aren’t on the hunt for any old sales professionals. Instead, they’re mindful of finding the candidates who truly fit the bill, with specialized expertise in areas such as:

Beyond that, our Boston sales headhunters also understand that you need employees who know a thing or two about what you do. Whether they have experience in the area or are quick to immerse themselves in new knowledge, your sales professionals must be fluent in the industry-specific lingo and quirks relative to your company. That’s why our sales recruiters in Boston look for candidates with refined specialties and areas of expertise to fill positions in various industries, including:

At CulverCareers, we believe the most fitting candidate for your position not only has the right qualifications, but also the personality and passion that mirrors your company culture and values. Our Boston sales recruiters are mindful of this when narrowing down the list of resumes to send your way – doing everything they can to find the perfect match.

As a leading sales recruitment agency, CulverCareers can match you with the sales professionals who are ready to make a difference in your Boston territory.

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