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For both sales professionals and entrepreneurs, Minneapolis, MN offers a vibrant business community. For over 40 years, CulverCareers has led successful recruitment teams across the US, like our team of recruiters in Minneapolis. During this time, we have developed an extensive database of highly sought-after sales talent. 

Not only is CulverCareers well-established in Minnesota, but we also have the highest Net Promoter Score in the executive search firm industry. We also have years of experience negotiating complex salary and commission packages for salespeople. 

What is Minneapolis, MN Like? 

Minneapolis, MN is a great place to work and live. This vibrant Midwestern city offers endless opportunities for both career advancement and recreation. 

According to the Minneapolis St. Paul Regional Economic Development Partnership website, the city is “home to more Fortune 500 companies per capita than anywhere else in the world.” Industries that provide jobs in the area include health care, government, manufacturing, retail, technical services, and finance – to name a few. 

The people of Minneapolis also know how to have fun. The region boasts professional sports teams in football, hockey, baseball, and basketball. For a mind-blowing experienced, be sure to checkout an NHL game with the Minnesota Wild

Minnesota is also an outdoor lover’s paradise. More adventurous people should be sure to check out the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. This world-famous wilderness area offers over 1,000 lakes to explore by boat. 

What Types of Sales Jobs are in Minneapolis, MN? 

As the professional hub of Minnesota, Northern Wisconsin, and North Dakota, the Twin Cities have a variety of exciting and promising sales jobs. With key industries like biomedical, life sciences, food manufacturing, renewable energy, and financial technology calling Minneapolis home, skilled salespeople flock to the city to advance their careers.

With a large emphasis on renewable energy in the region, there is a need for salespeople who can deal with complex sales processes in solar energy. With the booming construction industry also seeing serious growth in Minnesota, builders are looking for salespeople to promote commercial and residential contracts.

If the IT industry is your focus, several major tech companies are located in the Twin Cities, including ServiceNow, Epicor, and Pennymac. The massive financial institution Northwestern Mutual also has a key headquarters in Minneapolis.

What Can Sales Recruiters In Minneapolis Do For You?

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How Long Does It Usually Take to Hire a Salesperson? 

Depending on the business, it can take companies working on their own 4-8 weeks to source, vet, and finally hire a salesperson. This timeframe doesn’t include the months it will take to get your new salesperson up-to-speed in their Minnesota territory. 

At CulverCareers, we realize that good sales talent does not stay on the market for long. Our sales recruiters in Minneapolis are trained to act quickly and strike while the iron is hot with the right candidates. Therefore, you can count on seeing candidate profiles within just 1-2 weeks after getting started with our team. 

Is Working with a Recruiter Worth It? 

Many businesses that have not worked with an executive search firm have a hard time seeing the value in these relationships. Common misconceptions are that staffing agencies are too expensive, or that you can hire more efficiently with your own HR team. 

CulverCareers has seen firsthand how costly it can be to leave a sales position vacant for an extended amount of time. Even worse, hiring the wrong salesperson will not only cost you months of training and salary expenses, but it can also sour relationships with important customers. 

With a 40-year track record of success, CulverCareers has the highest scores in the industry for both client and candidate satisfaction. That being said, our recruiters are well-suited to represent your business to important sales talent. We also offer unique services for our clients to help with employee retention and wellness. 

Your Trusted Source for Sales Recruiters in Minneapolis

Working with CulverCareers will ensure you find salespeople that can be trusted to represent your business in the field. After all, the best salespeople do more than meet their quarterly quotas – they also nourish and maintain relationships with established clients. All things considered, investing in the right sales team is investing in your company’s future.

Especially when it comes to more technical fields like information technology (IT) and engineering, your sales team must really know what they are talking about. There is no better way to put a damper on new business than a salesperson misrepresenting your company. By working with CulverCareers, you can avoid many of these costly mistakes and get right to the best talent.

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