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Birmingham, Alabama brings to mind the civil rights movement and images of traditional Southern living. In more recent years, the city’s strong college football fandom has taken such a strong hold that it’s not uncommon to hear neighbors yell “Roll Tide” and “War Eagle” at one another even during the offseason.

But the Heart of Dixie is more than a traditional, sports-loving Southern town. In fact, the strong economy paired with low cost of living makes this city an amazing place to work as well as live. CulverCareers’ Birmingham sales recruitment team understands the dynamic mixture of elements that make Birmingham great, and can leverage that knowledge when recruiting for your Birmingham firm.

Most Affordable U.S. City

Named by both Forbes and Business Insider as the “Most Affordable City” in the United States, our sales recruiters in Birmingham, AL have a lot to work with when discussing your city with out of town prospects. The prospect of moving can be a daunting one, but the knowledge that a city with a low cost of living and a $171,450 median home price (as compared to the $227,025 U.S. average) awaits you certainly cushions that landing.

Birmingham offers all of the benefits of urban living without the normally high price tag. Our sales headhunters also use this to your advantage when speaking with recent college grads regarding entry-level sales positions. Particularly for students graduating from the University of Alabama and Auburn University, Birmingham sales jobs provide the opportunity to stay in their state and have a fantastic quality of life, even while still nascent in their careers.

Industries in Birmingham

Our Birmingham sales recruitment team also take advantage of the strong industries that exist within Birmingham when sourcing sales people both inside and outside of their respective industries.

Birmingham is one of the nation’s top cities for the insurance and banking industries, both of which have a strong sales presence within them, and are also rich with talent in areas such as marketing and client success. Whether you are a bank or insurance firm or simply want to take advantage of the many seasoned professionals the industries have to offer, we have a strong network of candidates within this arena.

Telecommunications, engineering, healthcare, and magazine publishing are also robust industries in Birmingham, and our sales recruiters are skilled at finding amazing workers from these backgrounds and helping them land a perfectly suited career in sales.

Let’s talk Birmingham sales recruiting

Sales Roles CulverCareers Will Fill for You

Modern sales jobs cover a much wider breadth of knowledge and skill sets than they did in the past. The career paths are as focused as the various roles are diversified. It takes an array of talented people to make a sales team work, and our Birmingham sales recruitment experts know how to help you build the perfect team.

Sales roles we can help you fill include:

Diversifying Our Focus

It might surprise those who have been in sales their whole lives to find out that some of the best people we’ve placed weren’t necessarily already sales people. These days, sales takes such an array of skills and expertise that taking advantage of candidates whose knowledge base adds something new to your team can be a great tactic.

Because of this, we recruit not only existing sales people within the industries mentioned above, but really focus on finding people who are the perfect fit for your company culture and exactly who you need to build a robust sales team. Our Birmingham sales recruitment team knows the strengths of employees in the various strong industries across the city, and will source people who can grow into strong members of your sales force.

CulverCareers knows Birmingham, and we know how to leverage the low cost of living and high quality of life to make the best sales people excited to not only work for your firm, but also embrace the Heart of Dixie. Our sales headhunters maintain deep and wide networks throughout Birmingham and beyond, and can use those connections to find people quickly, resulting in an average reduction of time-to-hire of 83.3%.. Take advantage of the promise of our 90-day satisfaction guarantee and let us help you build your dream sales team.

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