Recruiting Services for Job Seekers

Because it’s our job to match companies with candidates that have specific skills and personalities, it’s often said that recruiters are in the “people business.” Due to our expertise in the markets where we work, recruiters can be very powerful tools for job searchers.

Especially for sales and marketing roles, skilled recruiters like those at CulverCareers are invaluable for progressing people’s careers. When a staffing agency specializes in a specific market or job type, they will uncover far more opportunities than you would search on your own.

By partnering with CulverCareers, you get a team of recruitment experts behind you. Whether you are actively searching for a job or just want to keep a line of communication open, maintaining contact with recruiters is never a bad thing.

Do You Have Better Chances of Getting a Job with a Recruiter? 

While it doesn’t make sense for every type of job seeker to work with an agency, recruiters can be instrumental if you work within specific industries or positions. Not only will they introduce you to their network, but job recruiters will also help polish your resume and prep for interviews.

Generally speaking, recruiters are the most effective in job markets where certain skills are in high demand. For example, you can plan on there being talent shortages in the medical industry and information technology (IT) field. For these reasons, there is also a huge demand for medical and IT job recruiters.

Due to the specialization of skill sets, many sales professionals also work with sales job recruiters. In a similar vein, marketers often work specifically with recruiters for marketing jobs.

Do Recruitment Agencies Charge Job Seekers? 

Professional recruitment agencies like CulverCareers never charge job seekers for their services.

While job recruiters usually work for commissions, they only get paid by businesses needing help with staffing. Generally speaking, the fees are worth it for businesses that are in need of very specific types of talent.

In higher-level recruiting such as executive search, it is not unusual for a company to pay a retainer fee to work with an agency. Oftentimes, retained searches take several months and hundreds of hours of work to complete for executive job recruiters.

Many staffing agencies like CulverCareers work on a contingency basis. This means that we only make a fee in the event that we place a candidate with a business. The team at Culver is confident enough to invest our time in your job search even though a paycheck is not guaranteed.

Do Job Recruiters Take a Cut of Your Salary? 

Businesses pay recruiters for their services – job searchers are not responsible for fees.

Because contingency-based services get paid a commission based on a candidate’s first-year salary, people sometimes think job searchers are responsible for fees. However, we only base commission fees on your salary, you don’t actually pay any of the money.

Another common mistake is for people to get employment services confused with job recruiters. A common practice for employment services is to take part of your hourly wage for temporary jobs. To illustrate, if you get a temp job with a catering service, the agency might pay you $15 per hour, while charging the caterers $20 per hour for your work. Please note, temp service pay structures are never used by professional recruitment firms like Culver.

Additional Candidate Services from CulverCareers

At CulverCareers, we take great pride in providing best-in-class candidate experiences. Having been in business for over 40 years, we have an extensive client network in need of top sales and marketing talent.

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