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Tampa is known for being a lovely place to retire, but not for much else by outsiders. Many people overlook Tampa’s bustling economic center to only focus on its beautiful weather and scenic beaches. When you’re looking to fill roles in your sales department for your Florida firm, it is crucial that you work with Tampa sales recruiters who know and love the city as much as you do and can spread that excitement about the area to your out-of-town prospects.

Why Tampa?

Tampa, Florida provides its inhabitants with a laid-back beach town lifestyle while offering a vast array of cultural attractions. Living here is like being on vacation year-round without having to give up the amenities of a large city. Our Tampa sales recruiters understand the value of these unique characteristics and will use them to attract top talent to your sales team.

While known as a great city for retirement, Tampa also has a vibrant younger population and is very family-friendly. With over 150 parks within the city limits, as well as attractions such as the Lowry Park Zoo and the annual Gasparilla Pirate Festival, there is no shortage of family-friendly activities in Tampa. And, of course, being 30 minutes to an hour from some of the best Florida beaches is a huge draw.

Tampa’s food and sports scenes don’t fall short, either. Whether you’re headed to the James Beard Award-winning Berns Steakhouse or if finding a great Cuban sandwich in Ybor City is more your style, Tampa has a vast array of exciting and multicultural dining options. As far as sports go, residents here have four professional sports teams to cheer on. These include the Tampa Bay Lightning (NHL), Tampa Bay Rays (MLB), Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NFL), and Tampa Bay Rowdies (USL).

One major factor that separates Tampa from other popular cities is the lower cost of living and affordable housing. The average cost of a home in Tampa is around $226,000, as compared to the US average of $227,025. Other financial incentives to live in Tampa include no state income tax and low property tax.

Unfortunately, with these low costs does come a lower-than-average income level. What is important to note for Tampa employers is that, if you are able to provide an above-average income in this low-cost market, it will be very attractive to potential employees. A great job recruiter in Tampa, Florida can help you assess competitive salary levels to help you attract talent.

What kind of roles can our sales recruiters in Tampa, FL help you fill?

As technology has changed the shape of industry, so has it changed the scope of the sales professional. No longer are salespeople cold calling and pounding the pavement all day. Sales takes a variety of shapes and forms, and the most important thing is to have a robust team that works well across an array of specialties. Recruiting agencies in Tampa have to expand their horizons in order to find the best candidates.

Our Tampa sales recruiters know what it takes to create such a team, and can help you find the absolute best candidates across the following categories:

Sales-Adjacent Recruiting in Tampa

With the unemployment rate in Tampa sitting around 3.4%, it’s important that Tampa sales recruiters recognize the value of potential candidates who work outside of sales, in roles that require skills and expertise that might make them great in a sales position. 

The largest sectors in Tampa are healthcare, finance, and shipping. There are also many people employed in the tourism industry, particularly with many cruise ports located nearby. It is essential that you work with a sales recruiter in Tampa who understands the details of these varied industries and can pull in candidates who might otherwise never pop up on your radar.

While there are arguably professionals in nearly every industry with sales-adjacent skill sets, some industries more closely align with the right mindset. The industries that our sales headhunters in Tampa particularly focus on when scouting for those with the potential to be great sales professionals include:

Whether you’re looking to fill an odd position here and there or need to build a new sales team from the ground up, CulverCareers’ Tampa sales recruiters are here to help. With our expansive network of active and passive job seekers in the Tampa Bay area and beyond, we can quickly and effectively identify quality candidates for your open positions. Let us help you build the robust, successful sales team you’ve always dreamed of today.

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