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Kansas City, MO is sometimes referred to as the “Heart of America,” and it really is. In an expanse of less populated areas throughout the Midwest and Tornado Alley, Kansas City stands out as a cultural and entertainment hub.

With an unemployment rate of 3.4%, below the national average of 3.9%, you have to put more than a little bit of work into attracting top talent to your Kansas City sales team. But by pairing up with a team of Kansas City sales recruiters who understand what makes the Heart of America beat, you can be sure to stand out in all the right ways.

Why Kansas City?

Maybe you’re looking to scout local, but sometimes it’s important or even necessary to extend your reach further in order to secure the absolute best sales team. People who aren’t from and haven’t visited Kansas City might underestimate the city’s vibrancy.

You know that Kansas City runs the gamut when it comes to what pulls people in. For the sports crowd, you have the Royals, Chiefs, and even the KC Speedway for Nascar fans. For the music crowd, Kansas City’s jazz heritage is one of the richest in the country, and the city’s music scene continues in that tradition. And of course, almost anyone visiting Kansas City has to indulge in the epic mastery of Arthur Bryant’s Barbecue, or any of the many competing BBQ joints.

From gorgeous expanses of parks and fountains to bustling city centers, Kansas City practically sells itself as a great place to live and work. Add to that the relatively low cost of living and its family friendliness (more than 25% of Kansas City’s residents are under the age of 20), and you have a great draw for singles and families alike. Our Kansas City sales headhunters are able to leverage all of this and more to attract the very best salesman that will drive results.

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Kansas City Sales Roles We Can Help You Fill?

No longer are sales roles a one-size-fits-all type of profession. In this era of technology and ever-changing client demographics, you need a modern sales team that can execute for you on a variety of levels. We can help you assess the specific roles you need to fill to make your sales team more robust, and fill them with highly qualified, experienced applicants.

Our Kansas City sales headhunters will help you fill positions across the spectrum of sales, including a variety of positions under the umbrella designations of:

We understand the key differences between these areas of sales, and will work to discover the top talent in your area and beyond that is perfect for every role and specialty.

Sales-Adjacent Recruiting

Of course, not every great salesperson starts out as a salesperson. In Kansas City, the percentage of the population working for either the federal government or health care centers is massive, and you do not want this or other sectors that may have highly qualified individuals working within them to be ignored.

That’s why our sales recruiters in Kansas City make sure to diversify our focus and recruit not only existing salespeople, but also people in sales-adjacent positions or other positions that necessitate similar capabilities and personality traits, such as:

With CulverCareers’ Kansas City sales recruiters’ focus on location-specific recruiting for your business, you are sure to find an abundance of qualified professionals to fill out your sales team. We scour our networks for passive job seekers, ensuring you end up with an array of sales professionals to consider. Contact us today to see how we can help build your robust Kansas City sales team.

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