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When looking to build a stellar sales team in Cincinnati, you may need to look outside of the city while scouting talent. It’s important to work with a Cincinnati sales recruiter who knows the city and can sell it to potential candidates.

At CulverCareers, we know that Cincinnati isn’t just any other town in the Midwest — it has a lot of character and boasts a vibrant community. Our Cincinnati sales recruiters can find candidates that are right for both the position and the city and help them understand what a great place Cincinnati is to live and work.

Why Cincinnati?

Cincinnati is one of those rare places that has a ton to offer both to young professionals and families alike, and yet doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Even in a city with no shortage of things to do, housing prices are very low and there is a strong job market. The ability to live life to the fullest is one of the things that is a major draw to potential candidates currently living in either more expensive or less vibrant cities.

Young professionals will love Cincinnati’s nightlife, complete with fun places to gamble the night away, such as Jack Casino or on the Indiana Riverboat Casino. The city also boasts plenty of bars and breweries, many paying homage to the city’s strong German heritage.

Cincinnati also has a ton of food options. Everything from food trucks to farmers market to three of the top fine dining restaurants in the country offer an array of dining options. And entertainment doesn’t stop there. The city has an active theater and art scene, and you can catch concerts at the Music Hall or Riverbend Music Center.

Of course, sports fans have a lot to love about Cincinnati, home to the NFL’s Bengals and the MLB’s Reds. There are also horse racing tracks around town, if that’s your thing. And avid golfers will be glad to know the city contains more than 80 golf courses and driving ranges.

Cincinnati isn’t just great for going out — it’s also an amazing place to stay home. Considering how much more house you get for your money in Cincinnati, a night in with the family is a whole lot more comfortable here, where the average home price is $161,483, as compared to the U.S. Average of $227,025.

This makes Cincinnati a great place to raise a family, as do the excellent private and public schools, and the high number of Montessori schools available. You can also take your family to the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, Cincinnati Museum Center, or the Newport Aquarium.

With all of this to do in Cincinnati at such a low cost of living, it’s no surprise that the city was ranked #10 in ‘The 25 Best Affordable Places to Live” in 2019. This combination leads to a great quality of life for Cincinnati inhabitants and makes the city an easy sell for Cincinnati sales recruiters.

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What Roles Can Our Cincinnati Sales Recruiting Team Help You Fill?

Long gone are the days of sales consisting primarily of cold calling, pavement pounding, and backroom meetings. Today, sales is a multifaceted field, and a variety of talented professionals are needed to comprise any great sales team.

At CulverCareers, our sales recruiters in Cincinnati, Ohio can help you build a dynamic sales force by scouting qualified candidates across a variety of specialties. We will find the best people to fill roles across:

Sales-Adjacent Recruiting

Of course, as the needs of a sales force change, it is essential to have a dynamic team with varied backgrounds and perspectives. Cincinnati is the home to a number of Fortune 500 companies, which means that there is already a lot of talent in the city. Between those companies and the thriving healthcare industry, there are bound to be talented people with diverse skill sets who might benefit a team, even if they haven’t worked in sales before.

Many roles utilize skill sets that can easily be translated into sales skills. Some of the industries we target in particular include:

CulverCareers’ CIncinnati sales recruiters can help you build your most dynamic sales team yet, using our massive pool of both active and passive candidates across industries. Let us sell Cincinnati to your most promising out-of-town candidates, guaranteeing you end up with a great team of people who are excited about both your company and your city.

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