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Whether your company relies upon many project managers to design and execute client projects on an ongoing basis or you only need one well-trained professional to handle internal or intermittent projects, having great project management is essential. These professionals are in high demand and finding the right one can be a lot of work.

CulverCareers’ executive search recruiters understand the ins and outs of project management and can help you in your search to find the best candidates for your company. Using their access to CulverCareers’ extensive pool of talent across specialties and industries, our recruitment consultants will work with you to find the best match for your needs who will fit into your company culture.

We believe in a holistic form of recruiting, and our project management recruiting services focus not only on finding the best people, but on keeping them. By partnering with a CulverCareers project management recruiter, our employers are paired with amazing talent that will stick around for the long haul.

What skills are needed for project management?

CulverCareer’s executive search around project management requires a high level of skill across a number of areas. A project manager is responsible for all elements of a project from its design all the way through the last stages of execution. Communication skills are essential in project management candidates, as this professional must be able to work with a number of departments, both internal and external. Oftentimes, this person is the primary point of contact for your clients, and they must be able to maintain that relationship.

Our executive recruiting team identifies managers who are:

Many qualities are necessary to be a good project manager, from interpersonal skills and strength in communication to quantitative abilities and knowledge of highly technical software and methodologies. CulverCareers’ project management recruiting consultants understand the value of these skills and can help you find candidates with the right balance of experience and skills for your position.

Recruiting across industries

When it comes down to it, project management is one of those rare specialties that requires a person who can thrive across industries. That is why our recruiting services are designed to help  headhunt across industries when searching for the best hire for your business.

Of course, we recognize that certain industries and project types require specialized knowledge, and will always seek out the most qualified applicants. The great thing about working with an experienced project management recruiting service is our ability to scout across our wide array of talent and find you job seekers both inside and outside of your particular industry, to determine the absolute best fit.

Industries We Target

We are dedicated to matching you with professionals who will fit your company’s structure and culture, and will recruit across industries, recruiting those currently in roles such as:

Project manager recruiters

Why CulverCareers?

Recruiting talented and experienced project managers can be an exhausting task, and not every Human Resources team or manager is able to thoroughly recruit and screen the full pool of available talent for their open jobs. At CulverCareers, our project management recruiters recognize the importance of fully vetting the qualifications and references of our job seekers before trusting them to handle our employers’ most important projects.

Our Executive search firm’s numbers speak for themselves when it comes to our success recruiting the best and brightest job seekers. We have the highest net promoter score (NPS) in our industry, as a result of our broad talent pool, exhaustive recruiting techniques, and holistic approach to the employee experience during and after the interview process. We work to not only find you the best professionals in the business, but to make sure they’re there to stay.

Some highlights of CulverCareers’ resume:

Let CulverCareers’ team of executive search recruiters begin the search for your project manager today. We stand behind our work with a 90 day satisfaction guarantee, and will not stop until we find the absolute best candidates for this position within your business.

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