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As experienced business development recruitment agencies will tell you, it’s important to consider many variables in a BDR candidate. While knowledge of your industry or product is important, nothing stands out more than hunger and drive in a BDR. While Culver focuses heavily on sales executive search, we also have a well-developed network of BDR candidates.

What is a Business Development Representative?

Occasionally, BDR positions are 100% commission-based, entry-level roles. With such pay structures, companies can try out new sales reps with little financial risk. When BDRs earn a base salary, it is generally considered a more prestigious sales job.

As seen with most sales jobs, the exact duties of BDRs vary with different organizations. Nonetheless, it is generally the case that a BDR will work within a specific territory to drive new business and increase revenue. More than anything, BDRs create opportunities for your business by developing new customer relationships.

While inside sales reps generally focus on inbound leads, BDRs are out in the field digging up new business by prospecting, networking, and cold calling. Depending on the organization, BDRs can be at the top of the sales funnel where they create leads for others to close, or they can manage the closing process themselves. In smaller organizations. BDRs handle customer acquisition, closing deals, account management, and client retention.

Job Duties of a Business Development Representative

Because BDRs are solely focused on driving new business in a specific region, most of their time and energy is directed at finding new clients.

Common responsibilities of business development representatives include:

In certain organizations, BDRs might contribute to marketing efforts as well.

What Makes a Good Business Development Representative?

Since most BDRs will be working remotely from the field, these individuals must be self-motivated and have entrepreneurial spirits. Not only are good BDRs always motivated to earn more money, but they must also track their work and report progress to regional sales managers.

Successful BDRs are comfortable using computers and remote work tools like CRM software and Zoom. More importantly, they are generally social people who enjoy building and maintaining relationships. Those BDRs that tend to move up quickly are the ones that are open to feedback and constructive criticism from managers.

Because outside sales jobs always require meeting clients face-to-face, these candidates must be willing to travel at least 25% of the time.

Why Business Development Recruitment Agencies are Valuable

While there are often many BDR candidates to choose from, there are some important variables to consider when recruiting for these positions. Importantly, nothing defines a quality BDR more than drive and hunger. While you can teach someone about your products or services, you simply can’t teach someone to have a good work ethic.

With over 40 years of experience as sales recruiters, CulverCareers knows exactly what to look for in good sales candidates. Sales teams are critical to the success of any business. As such, you should only trust your staffing recruiting needs to the most qualified business development recruitment agencies. Start hiring with CulverCareers today! 

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