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Salt Lake City had ​the lowest unemployment rate​ of any large US metropolitan area in 2019 at 2.0%. Even with COVID-19, Salt Lake City has stayed ahead of the curve compared to other US cities. With ​its unemployment rate ​ at 8.5% compared to the national average of 13.3 %, and its job growth rate at -4.8% compared to the nationwide average of -11.8%, Salt Lake City represents a healthy, competitive market full of sales talent.

Because Salt Lake City has a strong economy, C-level executives, hiring managers, and startup owners need to educate themselves on attracting the right talent and save themselves money on the recruiting process. Many job candidates are passive job seekers, and a Salt Lake City staffing agency can help reach them by avoiding the mishaps of in-house recruiting teams.

Salt Lake City sales recruiting can help your business attract top talent and prepare you for success in the highly competitive Salt Lake City job market. Culver can help C-level executives and hiring managers to fill their Salt Lake City sales staff with highly trained professionals.

Why Use Sales Recruiters in Salt Lake City?

Sales and related occupations​ were Salt Lake City’s third-leading form of employment in 2017. Salt Lake City’s above-average economic growth suggests that the number will continue to increase in the future.

The increase in demand for sales positions means your company will have to compete for sales executives. It also means that top talent and executives likely already have a job, and will be passive job seekers.

Take the Pressure Off Your Staff

Candidates who are only passively conducting their job search will be challenging to reach. Your human resources department should be able to focus on their duties without adding talent acquisition to their long list of responsibilities. Your hiring manager shouldn’t be bogged down reading dozens of resumes to find a few qualified candidates.

According to​ World Health Organization research​, workplace stress is often present in employees who feel their employer gives them responsibilities outside their means to complete. Hiring recruiting experts from a recruiting firm helps your human resources team and hiring manager focus on their primary duties, like streamlining your onboarding process and creating a desirable work environment.

Gaining the Edge on Competition

According to the Predictive Index, ​ 70% of workers enjoy their job​, 69% like their co-workers, and 64% respect their direct manager. Because the majority of workers are satisfied with their careers, you need a Salt Lake City staffing firm that understands how to attract passive salespeople.

Don’t lose out to your competition. Hire a trusted Salt Lake City sales staffing firm for your recruiting needs.

Reach Salt Lake City’s Tourists

Salt Lake City has a thriving outdoor recreation tourism sector for a reason. It’s beautiful, and there are a ton of outdoor activities. Because of its healthy tourism, Salt Lake City also has a sizable ​retail and trade sector employing 10,730 workers.

If you’re in retail in Salt Lake City, you need to reach that population of tourists. To get those tourists’ business, you need recruiters who can find top sales candidates in the area.

Salt Lake City Industries On the Rise

Salt Lake City has one of the fastest-growing economies in the US. Its healthy​ manufacturing industry has 4,583 companies that employ 137,684 workers, making it one of the country’s top manufacturing centers.

It has a growing tech industry and medical supply sector. Because of its expanding industries, Salt Lake City has a huge demand for expert sales executives. Its fast growth rate and wide range of sectors make it an ideal environment for top sales talent.

This type of environment favors sales talent in their employment search. A talented sales rep can choose from any one of Salt Lake City’s budding industries. Using a Salt Lake City sales recruiter can flip the advantage in your favor.

Find Out If Salt Lake City Sales Recruiting Is Right For Your Company

Culver is a trusted Salt Lake City sales staffing recruiting firm. For over forty years, we have delivered on our promise to our clients of finding the most talented executives in the job market. We’ll help you outmaneuver your competition.

Find out if Culver is right for you, and use our award-winning recruiting services​ to attract top talent.

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