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When seeking new sales professionals for a firm in the “Music City,” there are certainly many draws to the city you can promote. It’s important for a Nashville sales recruiter to know that there’s much more to this city than country music, and that it is more than just a tourist destination — it’s a great place to live and work.

Why Nashville?

Our Nashville sales recruiters know that you might need to look beyond the city limits for the best talent out there, and we are here to help you sell this amazing city to all of your out-of-town prospects.

Of course, Nashville is, first and foremost, the country music capital of the world. Between the Grand Ole Opry, Ryman Auditorium, and the Country Music Hall of Fame, the history of music in Nashville is apparent. This goes way past historical monuments and museums, though — there is a huge live music scene here, and you can find free music to listen to almost every night of the week.

And we know that Nashville highlights aren’t complete without discussing food. The home of “hot chicken,” Nashville is known for its chicken and barbecue joints and is becoming a foodie destination. The city also boasts a thriving craft beer scene.

It’s not just a hip city for young singles, though. Nashville is also great for families. The surrounding communities of Mr. Juliet, Brentwood, and Hendersonville offer great public and private schools and safe neighborhoods to raise a family. And kids will love paying a visit to Centennial Park, the Adventure Science Center, and the Nashville Zoo.

Nashville’s great vibes are no secret — the city is expanding at a steady pace. In fact, approximately 95 people move to the city every day. This influx of people has led to lots of job growth and a flourishing economy. Nashville’s unemployment rate is way below the national average, at 2.8%.

The influx of people into the city does drive up housing prices, and the average home cost in Nashville is $240,373, which is around $20,000 above the U.S. average. However, Nashville residents save money in other ways, particularly by not needing to pay state income taxes.

Nashville really does have something for everyone, and it is important that your sales recruiter be well versed in all the city has to offer when presenting it to top talent.

Let’s talk Nashville sales recruiting

What Roles Can We Recruit to Fill Your Nashville Sales Team?

Sales isn’t the straightforward game it used to be. And in a city like Nashville, with a thriving startup scene and an expanding economy, you need to be at the top of your field and having a modern sales team is a big part of that.

At CulverCareers, our Nashville sales recruiters know how to build an effective sales team, and how to find the best talent for each department and position. We will help you build out your robust sales force in key areas such as:

Sales-Related Recruitment

Of course, with the scope of sales changing, it is important to have people on your team with varied backgrounds and perspectives. Because of this, it is often desirable to do some sales-adjacent recruiting. By looking for talent with backgrounds that are not strictly in sales, you not only expand the skill set within your pool of applicants, you also take advantage of the vast array of skills your city has to offer.

Nashville boasts one of the biggest healthcare hubs in the country, from industry giants to small startups. It also has an impressive technology industry. CulverCareers’ Nashville sales recruiters know how to identify candidates with transferable skills, and can bring them into your candidate pool.

While almost all industries have elements of sales within them, our sales recruiters in Nashville, TN find that recruiting within the following fields is particularly useful:

CulverCareers’ Nashville sales recruiters know this city, and they understand how to find the best talent within the city and how to attract the best remote candidates. Let us help you build out your sales and marketing team by taking advantage of our massive pool of both active and passive job seekers.

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