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So What’s That Tornado About?

It’s a force of nature, just like we are! But instead of leaving a path of destruction, we power success across today’s landscape. Whatever obstacles get in the way of your success, we’re here to blow them away!

Whether you’re a professional looking to maximize your income or an organization that needs top performers to drive revenue, CulverCareers gives you the power you need to succeed. We’ve spent more than 30 years honing our craft, building our networks and establishing a reputation as the place to go for recruitment.

Our culture is one of strong values:

Build. Strive to be bigger and better tomorrow than we are today.

Opportunity. Create opportunities for our clients, candidates and employees.

Strategic Partnerships. View clients, candidates, vendors and employees as strategic partners.

Integrity. Act with integrity in all we do and expect it in return.

Appreciation. Appreciate what we have and want to show it.

ICE BLUE Culture. Intelligent, collaborative, exciting, balanced, living, unique, empowered.

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Case Studies From Our Partners

Strategic partnerships has been an essential part of our success. Here are just a few of the relationships we’ve established.

Cloud/SaaS Software

CulverCareers’ strategic partnerships with cloud-based and subscription-based companies have resulted in comprehensive business development and the acquisition of entire sales teams. In 2012, we assisted one particular client in hiring 63 new inside salespeople.

Big Data Analytics Software

CulverCareers formed a strategic partnership with a global leader in Enterprise Data Warehousing in 2010. As a result, we recruited talented managers, executives, solution architects, and pre-sales engineers. As a testament to our outstanding services, this same company partnered with CulverCareers to realize the completion of a new Lead Development team. Currently, this company’s revenue has surpassed the $2 billion mark as a direct result of the quality sales professionals CulverCareers obtained.

Digital Media

CulverCareers has been the #1 recruiting resource for one of the world’s leading digital media companies. Through the acquisition of over 1,000 media consultants, this international digital media company has become the fifth-largest sales force in the United States. In addition, CulverCareers partnered with the company’s executive leadership in Spain to help build their international markets.


Throughout the past decade, CulverCareers has built strategic partnerships with leading pharmaceutical companies to build their sales teams and assist in expansion, marketing, and brand management. As a result of outstanding service, CulverCareers is the only U.S. recruiting company to receive an invitation to speak with an outside consultant in an effort to provide feedback on the company’s interview process.

High-Tech Engineering

CulverCareers has enjoyed a decade-long partnership with an international leader in factory automation. As a result, this company is the recipient of numerous awards and is regarded as one of the world’s most innovative companies. CulverCareers recruited 51 candidates throughout the United States on behalf of this company in the last four years alone. As a result, the company has enjoyed continued growth.

Since 2007, CulverCareers has successfully partnered with one of the world’s largest manufacturers of OEM glass products. We were instrumental in the acquisition of 60 candidates for 20 different positions. Currently, this company solely entrusts CulverCareers with all of their recruitment needs.

Consumer Packaged Goods

For the past four years, CulverCareers has been the preferred recruiting partner for one of the world’s most recognized producers of consumer durable goods. We assisted this company in filling critical positions that were chronically vacant. With record speed, we staffed the entire executive team. CulverCareers’ determination to help this company staff its most important positions has resulted in the company’s mounting success.

We Knocked Their Socks Off

Kudos from some of our happy clients and candidates:

“Things are going well here. If I was able, I would give both you and Ted a big hug! This company is terrific! I can’t say ‘thank you’ enough!!”
– John

“‘Congratulations, Sara.’ I recently became ill and had to change my travel plans last minute. Sara had to contact all the candidates and reschedule for two weeks later. I know this took a lot of work, and you would have never known it because Sara was so kind and positive to make the change.”
– Mike

“Tim is extremely communicative and great to check in with me and follow up on candidates. His emails are always upbeat, positive, and helpful, and I always look forward to them.”
– Yvonne

“Timo is GREAT! We always get amazing service and FUN! :)”
– Sami

“Theresa found two very worthwhile candidates within a short period of time that my company ended up hiring.”
– Steven

“Nadine consistently tracks down answers, follows up on action items during nights and weekends, even while away on vacation.”
– Paul

“Cyndi is an exceptional communicator and service provider.”
– Rita

“John made a three-step job interview a pleasant surprise! His positive attitude, knowledge and research behind the company that I applied for was very helpful.”
– Ryan

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