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Portland, Oregon is known for being an extremely unique, somewhat quirky city in the Northwest. This city, whose unofficial motto is “Keep Portland Weird,” attracts all sorts of residents and visitors. CulverCareers’ Portland sales recruiters know Portland inside and out and understand that the city has a wide array of things to offer nearly every type of person.

At CulverCareers, we understand that the city you work and live in is just as important as the job you have, so when we discuss our Portland employers with potential sales recruits, we both sell the great things about living in Portland and seek out recruits who would be excited to live in your city. For nature lovers, the appeal of having both the beach and mountain ranges under two hours away is a huge draw. For foodies, Portland’s food truck scene can’t be beat. Our Portland sales recruiting firm knows how to best approach candidates to attract them to both your company and to the dynamic city of Portland.

An Amazing Place to Live

There is no question about Portland being unique. This city honestly has something for everyone. U.S. News ranked Portland as the #8 Best Place to Live in 2019, and the #20 Best Place to Retire. This is great because it means that whether you are looking to scout young job seekers in the nascency of their sales career, or you’re looking to launch an executive search for top sales directors who want to end up in the city where they’ll retire, our headhunters are in a great position to market your city to potential sales talent.

Navigating the Housing Cost Discussion

Of course, along with Portland’s pros come the one con to living in the city — the high cost of housing. The average cost to buy a home in Portland is $375,425, as compared to the U.S. average of $227,025. As those who live in Portland can attest, the higher cost is often more than worth it to live in such a dynamic location, but it can certainly be a cause for concern for some people moving in from outside the city. That’s why it’s important to have a Portland staffing agency that understands all of the pros and cons, and can really answer any and all questions your potential recruits might have.

One important thing to consider, for instance, is that while Portland is more pricey than some of the U.S., it is actually much more reasonable than its nearby neighbor, San Francisco. In fact, CulverCareers maintains a fantastic network of active and passive sales talent in the Bay Area and can scout from this pool and other nearby areas that have higher costs of living than does Portland. And, of course, knowing how to frame the great parts of the city and its strong job market are important when it comes to this part of the discussion, which our Portland sales recruiters are skilled at navigating.

A Highly Educated Populus

With the eclectic population of Portland, Oregon comes a much higher degree of education than you will see in most of the United States. This means you have a wealth of talented thinkers living within the city limits already! CulverCareers’ Portland staffing agencies take pride in their ability to scout both existing sales professionals and those highly educated professionals in other industries who have transferable skills and could be an asset to your organization.

New College Grads

Of course, all of those highly educated Portlanders come from somewhere! Portland is home to many quality colleges and universities that produce future leaders, including Lewis & Clark College, Concordia University, the University of Portland, and Portland State University. If you are looking for sales talent that can be developed through your sales management’s leadership and industry expertise, recent college grads are a great way to staff sales associate, account manager, and sales representative positions.

Positioning Your Company

Of course, in a thriving city like Portland, there is plenty of competition amongst employers for the best sales talent and leadership. That’s why our Portland staffing agency’s sales recruiting firm experts focus on promoting your brand and your company’s culture, along with the basics of the position. We want to find the best possible fit for each job you need to fill. We focus on the “Employee Experience” from Day 1, which means we nurture the relationship between you and your potential recruits. This leads not only to more interest among employment seekers, but also to a better relationship along the way and ultimately, increased employee success and retention.

Sales Jobs CulverCareers’ Sales Recruiters Can Help You Fill

Today’s top sales teams encompass a broad spectrum of skill sets. No longer is sales a straightforward process consisting of men on the ground pounding the pavement and working nonstop making calls. CulverCareers’ Portland sales recruiters understand how to go about hiring to build an effective and modern sales team from the ground up, or how to fill in the employment gaps in your existing sales force.

Sales roles our staffing agency can help you fill include:

CulverCareers’ Portland sales recruitment experts can help you build your dream sales team. With the highest NPS in the industry, we are dedicated to working with you to find the right people for your company, while staying true to your brand and company culture. Take advantage of our 90-day satisfaction guarantee and let us help you find the best sales talent for your company today.

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