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When most people think of Milwaukee, they think of bratwurst, beer, and baseball, but not much else. While Milwaukee houses a variety of Fortune 500 companies and is the country’s leader in precision manufacturing, the city isn’t always recognized by prospective employees for its vibrant job market.

Even recent Milwaukee college grads often leave the city in search of bigger job markets, not understanding the wealth of opportunity that lies in their own backyards. This is evidenced in the fact that, even though Milwaukee boasts several institutes of higher education, less than 25% of the population over 25 years of age has a bachelor’s degree.

That’s why when you’re looking to attract top sales talent for your Milwaukee firm, you need a sales recruiter on your side who understands Milwaukee and everything it has to offer. Whether you’re looking to attract out-of-town sales managers or recent Milwaukee grads for entry-level sales positions, our Milwaukee sales recruiters will help you effectively communicate the benefits of sales jobs across the variety of industries your great city has to offer.

The Industry of “Brew City”

Of course, a huge draw to younger residents is the beer culture. Home to MillerCoors and Pabst, Milwaukee has a solid history in beer, but it is the many smaller craft breweries that really draw in the younger generations. Our Milwaukee sales recruiters understand that breweries, big and small, need a strong and dedicated sales team, and can communicate the growth potential in beer sales to both outside candidates and Milwaukee natives.

Other Benefits to Working in Milwaukee

Milwaukee is home to nine Fortune 500 companies, including Harley-Davidson and Rockwell Automation, and is the national leader in precision manufacturing. There is also a large healthcare presence. With this bustling economy, both sales opportunities and professionals who would be great fits for those opportunities abound.

Milwaukee is also an amazing place for any out-of-town sales candidate looking for somewhere they can have a high quality of life while building their career. Our sales recruiters in Milwaukee, WI are able to leverage our massive network of potential candidates and our knowledge of the city’s low housing costs, decreasing property tax rates, and salaries above the national average to attract non-local sales talent to your company.

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Areas of Sales CulverCareers can Help You Fill

These days, sales isn’t a straightforward process based around face-to-face meetings and cold calling. With the growth of the digital realm, the shape of your sales team has changed, and our Milwaukee sales headhunters understand how to fill every role needed to make your sales team thrive.

Finding the Right People

You might think that someone without a sales background would have trouble learning the ropes of the sales process, but by ignoring candidates without a sales background, you may be eliminating a huge pool of great candidates. This is why we focus on recruiting both existing sales professionals and people in sales-adjacent positions and with applicable transferable skills.

Milwaukee has a wealth of people in the manufacturing, brewing, and healthcare industries, and it would be a waste to ignore that talent. Our Milwaukee sales recruiters will use our depth of knowledge regarding all facets of the sales process to select candidates whose skill sets could be of use to your firm during the recruiting process.

CulverCareers’ sales recruiters understands what makes “The City of Festivals” unique, and wants to help you find the right people who will not only fit well within your company, but also love the great city you do business in. We will use our vast pool of active and passive candidates both in and outside of Milwaukee to find you the best possible candidates for your sales roles. With our 90-day satisfaction guarantee and an average reduction in time-to-hire of 83.3%, we are committed to finding the best possible talent to help you build your dream sales team.

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