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Not only does it take a certain type of personality to be successful in a sales job, but recruiting for sales positions is an art form all its own. While sales recruiters must conduct normal duties with candidate sourcing and vetting, they must also explain complex salary plans with commissions, bonuses, and more.

Located deep in the heart of central Ohio, the city of Columbus is home to several vibrant industries that create a rich job market. Whether you work in the automotive industry or the information technology (IT) space, every business needs a good sales team.

With deep connections in Columbus, CulverCareers has both the candidate pool and expertise to place top sales talent in Ohio.

What Types of Sales Jobs are in Columbus, OH?

Because our team are highly experienced sales recruiters in Columbus Ohio, we know exactly what types of jobs are available in this exciting market. The staffing experts at CulverCareers have the skills to work in markets as diverse as the biomedical and e-commerce industries.

Whether it be job durations or overall career projection, our recruiters have the ability to “read between the lines” on resumes and cover letters. By applying critical thinking and practical experience, our sales recruiting firm in Columbus Ohio will help you find the perfect candidate for your needs.

Examples of prominent sales jobs in Columbus include:

Beyond these common sales jobs, CulverCareers is comfortable sourcing Sales Managers, Technical Salespeople, as well as Director-level candidates.

Sales Positions

Sales jobs we will help you fill include:

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How Long Does It Take to Recruit a Salesperson?

No matter what industry you do business in, good salespeople are notoriously difficult to locate. Because every company – from medical devices to software developers – is dependent on its sales team to turn a profit, talented salespeople quickly learn how much bargaining power they really have in the job market.

In order to get out ahead of your competitors, you must be able to act quickly when attracting and hiring top sales talent. As many businesses take nearly two months on average to fill important sales positions, they often wind up having to hire less than desirable candidates.

When you work with CulverCareers in locating sales talent, you can count on having relevant candidate profiles on your desk in just 5-10 days. By working with our sales recruiting firm in Columbus Ohio, you can schedule interviews before your competitors have the chance to look at applicants.

What Value can Columbus Ohio Sales Recruiters Bring?

If you have never worked with a recruiter, it can be difficult to appreciate the type of value we can bring to your business. Moreover, many businesses tend to ask “why do I need a recruiter if I can just hire people myself?”

In the end, hiring the wrong employee can have detrimental financial consequences on your business. According to Business News Daily, “The average cost of hiring the wrong employee is $17,000… However, depending on the role and the company, this figure can go as high as $240,000, per 2021 research from the U.S. Department of Labor.”

CulverCareers helps you find the perfect candidate so you don’t have to be concerned about hiring the wrong person. By having more people involved in the candidate vetting process, you are far less likely to hire the wrong person.

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