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It’s no secret that after the closure of Pittsburgh’s steel mills in the 1980s, the once heavily blue-collar city saw some tough years. What may be a secret to much of the rest of the country, though, is how Pittsburgh has reinvented itself in recent years. Now cleaner and full of energy and jobs, Pittsburgh is growing and thriving. As your Pittsburgh sales recruitment professionals, CulverCareers’ Pittsburgh recruiters are well acquainted with everything that makes Pittsburgh a great place for sales representatives to work and live.

Sports fans, outdoorsy types, and museum aficionados can all find something to suit their tastes in today’s Pittsburgh. Always a great place for sports fans, with the Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL), Pirates (MLB), and Penguins (NHL), Pittsburgh boasts some intense sports fandoms. In more recent years, Pittsburgh has become very green and cultured. It is home to nearly 2,000 acres of land in city parks alone, and houses The Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh, Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, The Andy Warhol Museum, and a variety of art galleries.

Pittsburgh truly has something for everyone, and CulverCareers’ Pittsburgh sales headhunters know how to help your management team find talented sales representatives who will not only fit your company, the role, and your culture, but will be happy to call Pittsburgh home. Our sales recruitment headhunters will use our extensive network of both passive and active sales talent to bring you the best possible fit(s) for your company.

An ideal place to settle down at any age

One of the best selling points our Pittsburgh sales recruiters focus on right now is the low cost of housing. While the thriving economy does present the possibility of rising housing costs over time, at present, the median home cost in Pittsburgh is $140,855, which amounts to 62% of the United States average of $227,025.

By comparison, the average annual salary in Pittsburgh is $48,580, which is 96% of the United States average of $50,620. The clear disproportionality of these numbers is indicative of the buying power of any sales representative who chooses to settle in Pittsburgh, regardless of other factors. Our Pittsburgh sales recruiters know that there are few, if any, cities in the United States that can presently beat that home buying power.

The low housing costs and growing economy, paired with the continuous development of the city when it comes to things to do, makes this a great place for any sales recruit, early or late in their career. The bustling downtown and sports scenes will appeal to the younger sales representatives, young families will appreciate the affordability of housing, while more senior sales professionals will appreciate Pittsburgh’s retirement friendliness (the city was voted the #1 Best Place to Retire in the U.S. by Bankrate in 2017). Our sales recruiters in Pittsburgh understand how to present the low cost of housing as part of the great package that comes with working for your Pittsburgh company.

Attracting College Students

Seeing as Pittsburgh is home to great schools such as Carnegie Mellon University, the University of Pittsburgh, and Duquesne University, one of the key areas that our Pittsburgh sales recruiters focuses on is attracting the talent pool provided by recent college grads.

Thankfully, in recent years, Pittsburgh grads have tended to stay in the city, due to its great job market and livability. Our sales recruitment headhunters appreciate this great source of energetic and intelligent sales representative talent, and make the most of it when staffing jobs for our employers’ firms.

Sales Openings CulverCareers Can Help You Fill

As business and the domain of the sales professional continue evolving, there is no one-size-fits-all sales representative. Your sales management team needs to focus on hiring job seekers for a variety of jobs from entry-level to upper-level management to function seamlessly and stand up against the competition. At CulverCareers, our Pittsburgh sales headhunters will help you find the best people for all of the roles necessary to build a dynamic sales team.

Sales Positions

Sales jobs we will help you fill include:

  • Sales Representative
  • Sales Development
  • Sales Associate
  • Customer Success
  • Sales Account Management
  • Account Executives
  • Outside Sales
  • Inside Sales
  • Technical Sales
  • Sales Veterans
Pittsburgh Sale Recruiters

Scouting from top local industries

In order to have a truly robust sales team, your firm’s sales recruiting process needs to target many types of thinkers with a variety of professional experiences. At CulverCareers, our Pittsburgh sales recruiters understands that some of the best potential sales talent might not currently be working as sales representatives, or at the very least might not yet be employed within your industry.

We scour our extensive network of both passive and active sales candidates to find the right talent for our employers and their open sales representative positions, regardless of industry. In Pittsburgh, our sales recruiters expand their search efforts to the strongest sectors, including the health care, financial services, educational, scientific, and technical services industries.

Building the best sales team you can build takes not only time and effort, but a true commitment to sales recruiting and matching the right candidates with the right positions. At CulverCareers, our approach to the Employee Experience makes us a top choice for premiere candidates, and we facilitate every step of the sales recruiting process, from creating the perfect job description to scouting amazing talent to finalizing the hire. Let our Pittsburgh sales recruiters aid your human resources and sales management teams in hiring the best job seekers for your sales representative roles today.

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