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A strong sales team is critical to the success of any business – no matter what industry you work in. As many companies have realized, it doesn’t matter how good your products or services might be if you are unable to convert leads into sales.

Sales representatives are extremely important members of any sales team. Depending on the size of your company, you might need to hire several sales reps to have a strong market presence. If this is the case, you will likely want to hire candidates for both inside and outside sales positions.

Sales talent is always in demand and recruiting salespeople can be quite challenging. Therefore, knowing how to source, interview, and hire sales reps is critical if you hope to remain competitive in your industry.

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Due to complex pay structures with commissions and bonuses, as well as the hyper-competitive nature of sales recruiting, hiring for these positions is no easy task. CulverCareers has 40+ years of experience helping clients fill sales roles in a variety of industries – including Fortune 500 companies.

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What is the Role of a Sales Representative?

Sales representatives are those members of your sales team who locate new customers and develop client relationships. Especially with territory sales jobs, sales executives are often the face of your company for both new and established clients.

One of the most defining characteristics of sales rep jobs is to be out in the field prospecting for new business. Generally speaking, sales reps are tasked with the job of cold-calling prospective clients using a variety of methods such as telephone and email. Once new customers are acquired, sales reps tend to these established accounts to ensure that a business relationship continues.

Whether in the field or the office, sales reps are also charged with the task of tracking their work. In today’s business world, nearly all sales teams use customer relationship management (CRM) software to keep tabs on new and established clients. In turn, sales managers use CRM data to track the overall performance of sales teams.

What Skills Should a Good Sales Representative Have?

While sales jobs can be extremely lucrative at just about any level, it takes a specific type of personality to be successful in these positions. Common skills that most salespeople share include:


A big part of the sales process is simply getting people to like you. That being said, extroverts with strong social skills are often well-suited for sales positions.


Since sales jobs are all about getting people to invest in your business, it’s essential that you exude confidence when speaking with customers. If people can sense that you don’t believe in yourself or your company, they will often back away quite quickly.


Since commissions are one of the primary ways that people make good money in sales, self-starters often perform well in these jobs. If you are motivated by the ability to make more money by working harder, a sales job could be a great fit.


No matter what your business or industry, salespeople need to have thick skin. Since a vast majority of cold calls are met with rejections, it takes a certain personality to stay positive and motivated in such situations.

What is the Typical Job Description for a Sale Rep?

While job descriptions for sales reps differ with unique business models, products, and services, there are some key duties that are commonly shared in these positions:

Please note, sales reps also need to have a general knowledge of the specific goods and services that they are selling.

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