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California’s state capitol of Sacramento is rich in history and is near the site of Sutter’s Mill, the birthplace of California’s Gold Rush. The future of Sacramento, California is just as promising as was its past, and the Sacramento sales recruiters at CulverCareers are excited to share the many wonderful aspects of this city with job seekers looking to strike gold.

For your superstar sales team, you can’t leave anything to chance with run-of-the-mill headhunters. For a comprehensive executive search that will generate top talent, you need an agency with vast experience in executive recruitment and an insider’s view of the region. Our executive recruiters are knowledgeable about Sacramento and what it has to offer for ambitious professionals and companies in need of highly skilled salespeople.

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Sacramento, California —The affordable San Francisco alternative

Sacramento, the historic state capitol, boasts many stately government buildings. The city also has many other features to be proud of, such as its ideal location. Sacramento is about 1.5 hours from San Francisco and coastal beaches, 40 minutes from the Sierra Nevada mountains and within a few hours of Lake Tahoe’s ski resorts. This key placement satisfies culture lovers and nature enthusiasts alike—an important Sacramento selling point for any executive search that must appeal to a wide variety of interests.

Another Sacramento advantage is its affordability. It has a median home value of approximately $362,000, while homes in San Francisco cost four times as much. Many Bay Area residents have relocated to Sacramento to get more bang for their buck. This influx of sophisticated San Franciscans has enhanced Sacramento’s arts scene. Our experienced sales recruiters will point out these important benefits to all job seekers.   

There are many distinct neighborhoods, from the upscale condos and vibrant nightlife of trendy Downtown and Midtown to family-friendly, affordable Oak Park. East Sacramento is known for its parks, bike trails and river walks; while Hollywood Park has a charming retro feel, with 1950s-style renovated bungalows that appeal to artists, millennials and young families. Pocket-Greenhaven, south of downtown Sacramento, is an attractive suburban community with 18 public parks.

Even though Sacramento is “low key” compared to glitzy San Francisco (and less congested), it’s experiencing a cultural renaissance, with everything from fashionable boutiques to hip microbreweries. Cultural amenities that will appeal to executive professionals include the Crocker Art Museum, Sutter’s Fort State Historic Park, the historic Old Sacramento Waterfront and the CA State Railroad Museum. Sacramento’s Golden 1 Center hosts everything from large rock concerts to Sacramento Kings basketball games, bull riding and business conventions.    

And then there’s the food. Sacramento is known as the “farm-to-fork capital,” due to its close proximity to local farms and plentiful seasonal cuisine, fresh from the fields. Its many restaurants feature a bounty of locally-sourced produce and artisanal foods. World-class culinary delights in a comfortable setting, without the big crowds of San Francisco, will be a major draw for executive job seekers.

When CulverCareers’ recruiting experts handle your executive search for the best sales professionals, their deep knowledge of Sacramento will entice experienced executives who are considering a move.

To appeal to local job seekers, our sales recruiters can remind them of Sacramento’s many advantages for commuters, such as quality public transportation, which includes regional transit options like buses and light rail trains. They can also mention company offerings that may help with the commute, such as reimbursement programs.

Staffing in Sacramento: tomorrow’s businesses and a highly skilled workforce

It isn’t just the people of the bay area and Silicon Valley who have moved out to less expensive Sacramento—it’s also the companies. In addition to the city’s traditional industries of agriculture and government, Sacramento is a major center for clean technology and energy, post-secondary education and healthcare. It’s home to California State University at Sacramento and University of California at Davis, as well as Sutter Health, UC Davis Medical Center and the UC Davis School of Medicine.

In Sacramento, there’s an active tech scene as well. Larger firms like Intel, Apple, Oracle and Hewlett Packard have a presence here, for research and development, sales, distribution, customer service and warehousing, and there are many new technology companies making exciting innovations. To power your executive search in Sacramento and help with the recruitment process, we have our fingers on the pulse of the city, with a large network of highly skilled, seasoned professionals working in existing and emerging industries. CulverCareers staffing agency also has a relationship with the area’s recent college graduates who have the latest training and a strong motivation to build their careers.

With such a rich talent pool to choose from, our sales recruiters can find leading candidates who are perfect matches for your job requirements, company values and culture. Having access to these highly vetted individuals during your executive search helps to greatly streamline the recruitment process.

What kinds of roles can CulverCareers Sacramento sales recruiters help you fill?

For an effective and dynamic sales team that can keep up with the rapidly changing world of sales, you need highly skilled talent in a wide variety of roles.

Sales Positions

Sales jobs we will help you fill include:

How long does the recruiting process usually take?

Depending on the type of sales position and other factors, the recruitment process may take weeks or months without a recruiting agency. An executive search for companies that must run extensive background checks will take longer.

However, this process is faster and easier when you use a staffing agency. Our extensive network of candidates delivers the best people directly to your inbox.

You’ll see first referrals in 5-10 days. We reduce your average time to hire by 83.3%.

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When you need to put together an exceptional sales team, leave behind ordinary sales headhunters and standard recruitment practices. CulverCareers is rated in the top 1% of recruiting/staffing firms in North America. As the leading Sacramento sales recruiters, we have a holistic approach to attracting and retaining highly skilled employees.

We have the highest NPS scores among recruiting services and know how to represent our clients’ brands. CulverCareers is a national recruitment firm that specializes in the personalized executive search, which includes careful guidance of top candidates through the recruitment process.

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