Regional Sales Manager

In the hierarchy of sales jobs, regional sales managers (RSMs) are known as “middle management.” Oftentimes, RSMs start out as business development representatives (BDRs), then work their way up to management positions. RSMs generally rise in the ranks of salespeople because they have management skills.

While it’s widely known that it’s hard to recruit for the C-suite, an often-overlooked fact is that middle management roles are also tough to fill. Frequently, RSM positions are occupied by younger sales reps who are untested as supervisors, or established sales managers who are interested in moving up to director-level roles.

Since RSMs are essential in driving profit for your sales team, you are well advised to work with a qualified sales manager recruitment agency for these searches.

What is a Regional Sales Manager?

Large organizations generally split up their sales teams into different territories. For example, the Northeast and Midwest represent two distinct sales regions. Companies assign different teams of outside sales reps to develop business within these specified territories. In turn, each of these regional sales teams is overseen by an RSM.

Regional sales managers are in charge of directing and motivating sales reps within certain areas in order to drive revenue. RSMs often work remotely from a home office within the territory they oversee. Local RSMs often have a better idea of the business climate in the areas where they reside. RSMs also help develop business and manage relationships with high-value clients.

Job Duties of a Regional Sales Manager

A general rule of thumb with sales managers is that they will have a wider variety of duties in smaller companies, with more specialization in large corporate structures.

Common responsibilities of RSMs include:

In small businesses, sales managers might oversee the entire sales team, while they only manage a specific region for larger corporations.

What Makes a Good Regional Sales Manager?

The best RSMs understand the outside sales process and are able to motivate their sales teams to earn profits and meet goals.

While individual sales reps are generally only concerned about their own commissions, RSMs look at the bigger picture in their departments. Profit is a company-wide issue that affects more than just one person’s income. To get the most out of their sales teams, the very best RSMs always lead by example.

Needless to say, leadership skills are critical for RSM positions. Not only are good sales managers able to incentivize their sales teams, but they also take the time to understand what motivates different employees. Moreover, RSMs should constantly provide feedback to their employees and give praise where praise is due.

Why Work with a Sales Manager Recruitment Agency?

The recruiters at CulverCareers understand exactly which types of candidates are well-suited for RSM jobs. Especially in middle management, understanding a candidate’s career projection is critical in deciding whether they are a good fit for the job in question. Oftentimes, it is a good idea to recruit RSMs that were recently promoted from sales rep positions.

If a candidate is just starting to find success in a middle management position, they will likely stick around for at least a few years. While finding good RSM candidates can be difficult, they are generally willing to take more basic fringe benefits packages than director-level applicants.

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