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When you add “technical” in front of “sales,” your pool of candidates narrows to those niche professionals who love to talk about all things technology, engineering and manufacturing. With our technical sales recruitment services, we can secure the talent who not only have the conversational and selling chops, but also the specialist knowledge required to succeed in a technical role. We’re the matchmakers who can pair you with the employees you’re proud to introduce to your boss.

Do you need new technical sales talent?

Your company’s groundbreaking product or service will have a hard time making any headway without people on your team dedicated to bringing in new business, providing technical advice and sustaining positive relationships with clients.

Who are these oh-so-important people? Your technical sales professionals.
When you hire top technical sales talent, you can make sure you’re actually breaking new ground. These professionals add a variety of assets to your team, including:

  • Perceptive interpersonal skills.
  • Technical product and service knowledge.
  • Crafty yet informed problem solving.
  • Goal-oriented mindsets.

Whether you’re looking to build your sales team, revive your talent or hire a new leader, our technical sales recruiters can secure these quality candidates, delivering top resumes to your inbox with speed and accuracy.

Why work with CulverCareer’s technical sales recruitment agency?

When CulverCareers enters the scene, our experienced technical sales recruiters connect you with the top performers who can power your sales team with skills, experience and fresh energy. Our technical sales recruitment agency takes the legwork out of your candidate search, so you can skip right to the interview stage.

Highlights on CulverCareers’ resume include:

  • We’re in the top 1 percent of recruiting firms in North America (and it’s been that way for the last six years).
  • We’re a two-time Diamond Award Winner (only the best for our clients).
  • Our recruiters specialize in niche markets to provide expertly targeted searches (we’re not creepy, but we know a thing or two about your world).
  • We bring more than 30 years of experience to the table (no cobwebs included – we’re just as fresh now as we were when we started).

You want top talent – and our technical sales recruiters know how to connect you with the tech and sales savvy professionals you need.

Let’s get to work

What kinds of technical sales roles can we help you fill?

Technical Sales Representative

These reps sell and promote products and services, honing their skills to technology and manufacturing industries. Much like traditional sales reps, they have backgrounds in sales and marketing, but they choose to apply their selling skills to technical businesses.

To narrow down potential reps, technical sales recruiters look for those who have a genuine interest in technology and manufacturing, and especially those who have experience in these specific industries. As they gain relevant experience, these reps can take on more responsibility, earning titles such as:

  • Technical Sales Associate.
  • Technical Sales Coordinator.
  • Senior Technical Sales Representative.
  • Regional Sales Representative.
  • Enterprise Sales Representative.
  • International Sales Representative.
  • Technical Account Manager.

Sales Engineer

These sales professionals also sell products and services, but they focus on the complex scientific and technological industries. Part of the deal is that they have an extensive understanding of all the parts, functions, processes and inner workings of what they’re selling. Many even studied engineering in school, meaning they aren’t afraid of the nitty-gritty details and can easily explain technical information to potential customers and business partners.

For these technologically sophisticated roles, technical sales recruiters look for professionals who strike the winning balance of technical knowledge and nifty interpersonal skills. Spanning various levels, those roles may include:

  • Junior Sales Engineer.
  • Technical Sales Executive.
  • Sales and Integration Engineer.
  • Sales Application Engineer.
  • Security Sales Engineer.
  • Inside Sales Engineer.
  • Senior Sales Engineer.
  • Senior Solutions Architect.
  • Field Sales Engineer.
  • Principal Sales Engineer.

Technical Sales Veterans

With extensive experience in the field, these sales gurus bring expert knowledge and insights to senior positions. Reserved for established professionals, not just anyone can fill these high-stakes roles.

At CulverCareers, our technical sales recruiters have access to the industry leaders and executives who are the perfect fit for the role, even if they aren’t actively looking for new positions. These sales veterans can fill crucial roles from the C-suite all the way to the top-dog positions, including:

  • Technical Sales Manager.
  • Enterprise CRM Director.
  • Director of Sales.
  • Director of Enterprise Sales.
  • Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Industry Specific

You don’t want just any sales talent – you want the candidates who know a thing or two about electronics, digital software, manufacturing and technological solutions. Your sales professionals must be fluent in tech lingo and knowledgeable in both scientific and sales methods.

That’s why our technical sales recruiters find top performers with the industry-specific experience you need, filling roles for companies with focuses such as:

  • Engineering.
  • Biotechnology.
  • Enterprise software management.Big data and analytics.
  • Analytical and technical instruments.
  • Consumer and business networking equipment.
  • Cybersecurity.
  • Industrial manufacturing.
  • Renewable energy.

At CulverCareers, our technical sales recruiters understand that technical sales professionals differ from the average sales guy. We can find the candidates who will understand your product or service, complete with the passion and skill set to sell it to others with success.

As a leading technical sales recruitment agency, CulverCareers can match you with the technical sales professionals who meet your needs and match your company culture.

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Your future technical sales employees can support your business with the skills and insights that boost sales and strengthen customer and client satisfaction.

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