7 Tips For Standing Out At Your New Career


Starting a new job can be stressful! You’re likely to be overwhelmed with all you’re trying to take in. On top of that, the first few days are when people make lasting assessments about your behavior and personality. You don’t want them to lose confidence in you! Here’s how to minimize your anxiety and make sure you make a good first impression.

Wake up earlier

Put yourself at ease by allowing extra time for your commute and aim to get to work 10 minutes before you need to be there. Supervisors love early birds! Establish a good attendance record. Stay late and don’t call in sick. Don’t take long lunches, especially before you get to know company culture.

Dress professionally

Well-dressed people are perceived as efficient and reliable. You’ll also feel more confident knowing you look good!

Be willing

Eagerly ask questions or ask for help when you need it. It’s better to ask for clarification now than after you’ve wasted time doing something the wrong way. Listen more than talk, take notes, go to orientation and accept any training opportunities offered. As you grow more comfortable, take initiative. Start slowly so you don’t overwhelm yourself, but as you notch some successes, start to ask for more assignments.

Demonstrate that you’re excited to be part of a team! Show you’re loyal to other team members by awarding them credit and sharing recognition when appropriate.

Set up your workspace

Set up your outgoing voicemail message and email signature right away to help establish yourself. Use a calendar or planner to get and stay organized. Make your actual workspace a place where you feel comfortable. Take cues from your new office-mates and follow their lead—do they have a lot of family photos or are there none? Did they fix up their spaces with personal effects, like items from their alma maters or favorite sports teams?

Schedule a lunch

Learn names quickly. Ask a colleague to grab lunch with you. Ask helpful questions about work, but also ask personal, unrelated questions. You’ll feel better once you get to know people better and form some bonds. But avoid office politics and gossip as long as possible!

Be confident

Work on your self-talk, and when things get challenging, give yourself little pep talks to remind yourself that this is all possible. Show your new colleagues you’re reliable and you remain calm under pressure. Remember that you’re going to do a great job, which is why they hired you.

Track your accomplishments!

This will help to boost your own confidence and personal satisfaction as well as increase your chances of receiving a raise or promotion down the road. Early successes are easy to forget when there’s so much else to remember, so keep a list to help you (and your supervisor) remember.

While starting a new job can be stressful, there’s a lot you can do to make yourself stand out from day one! For more tips as you transition to your new job, contact us today.

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