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The Heart of Dixie, known for its historical significance in the civil rights movement, and its more modern home of intense college football fandoms, certainly has a great deal of history and strong Southern culture. The city also boasts a variety of modern attractions, such as theaters, concert venues, and art museums.

But what many people don’t know about Birmingham is that this mixture of Southern charm and modern living comes at a very low cost. In fact, the city’s strong economy and low cost of living make Birmingham a great place for professionals of all ages to work and live.

CulverCareers’ Birmingham marketing recruitment consultants are intimately familiar with the city, its industry, and its talent pool, and know how to aid you in your search to find the best marketing professionals for your company.

Most Affordable City in the United States

Birmingham has been named by both Business Insider and Forbes as the United States’ “Most Affordable City,” and our Birmingham recruitment agency understand how to leverage this fact to draw in top marketing talent for your marketing jobs. Many recent Alabama graduates from the University of Alabama and Auburn University are searching for employment and may be unaware of how Birmingham’s cost of living stacks up against similar cities. This can be used by our Birmingham staffing service consultants in discussions about open jobs within your company and positioning you ahead of other employers.

Young professionals just starting their career search and those considering relocating for employment will be relieved to know that the median home price in Birmingham is $171,450, as compared to the average U.S. cost of $227,025. This allows those in entry-level jobs the opportunity to begin building their lives while learning and advancing within the marketing department of your firm, and our marketing recruiters understand and can sell the value of this.

The amenities and resources of a more expensive city without the high price tag give the recruiters of our Birmingham recruitment agency plenty to leverage when selling the city to out-of-towners.

Business in Birmingham

Our recruitment agency is dedicated to searching for candidates to build a stellar marketing team for our clients. Our Birmingham recruitment staff understands the importance of looking for resources within the leading industries in the city and taking advantage of our vast network of marketing talent across these industries.

It is easy to mistakenly look at marketing as solely a creative function, but it is essential that you have members of your marketing team with business acumen and financial abilities. For jobs heavy on the numbers side of things, our Birmingham marketing recruitment professionals may take advantage of Birmingham’s position as one of the top cities in the U.S. for companies in the banking and insurance industries. These industries contain not only great financial minds, but also a plethora of talent in client success and other areas of marketing.

Other strong industries from which our Birmingham staffing services professionals scout for our clients include telecommunications, engineering, and healthcare. When searching for creative gurus in the digital marketing and social media landscape, we will take advantage of the creative minds in magazine publishing companies, as well.

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Marketing Roles CulverCareers Will Fill for You

Marketing teams are unique in the balance of personalities and skill sets necessary to make everything come together. Whether you’re growing a team from the ground up or hiring to add to your existing team, CulverCareers’ Birmingham marketing recruitment professionals will help you in the search to find the best people for your company.

Our staffing recruiters utilize their extensive network of passive and active marketing candidates help our clients with hiring amazing markers in:

From entry-level candidates to corporate marketing veterans to creatives, we have the right people for growing your company, that both fit the job and your company culture.

Marketing Niches

Of course, a great marketer is a great marketer, and our Birmingham marketing recruitment team never limits itself to searching in just one industry, but that doesn’t mean our recruiters don’t have a wealth of Birmingham marketing talent in your niche!

If you are looking for candidates who really know the arena you’re playing in, our marketing recruitment team can help with staffing great professionals in a variety of industries and specializations, including:

Whatever your company needs to build its best marketing team, CulverCareers’ Birmingham staffing agency is here to help. CulverCareers is rated top 1% of recruiting and staffing firms in North America for recruiting and specializes in Birmingham Marketing Recruiting. Our marketing headhunters maintain extensive networks of both passive and active candidates throughout Birmingham and beyond, resulting in an average reduction of time-to-hire of 83.3% for our employers. Take advantage of our 90-day satisfaction guarantee and let us help you create your dream marketing team.

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