6 Ways to Maintain a Positive Company Culture


Culture is the personality of your company—a shared set of values for the betterment of the company and its clients. In order to have a successful business, you need to maintain a culture that’s positive and have all your employees buy in to your philosophy. You need to communicate your ideals to your staff often and lead by example. Satisfied, trusting employees are more efficient and easier to retain.

Here are six ways to maintain a consistent, nurturing culture in your company so your employees business can thrive.

Develop your purpose

Have a mission and philosophy for your company. Be somewhat vulnerable and don’t act like you have all the answers, Allow for community input because these are the people who will help determine the future of your company.

Individuals should also have a sense of purpose at work. They need to know they make a difference in the bottom line of the company so they can remain engaged, enthusiastic and efficient.

Hire the right people

You can’t transmit a positive company culture unless you have good leaders in place. They need to understand and embrace your vision and values, and you need to make sure they’re clear to everyone you hire as well. Treat those employees well so they don’t want to leave. Provide a comprehensive orientation and ongoing training so they’re confident and prepared and not floundering in unexpected situations.

Lead by example

The leadership in your company needs to demonstrate everything you want your employees to adopt. Even without knowing it, your employees will copy the behaviors they see above them. So, work collaboratively as a team, communicate honestly and proactively, and work diligently.

Communicate with transparency

Not only do you need to spread your goals for your company culture, you also need to be upfront and honest with your employees. Share goals and financial standings regularly and build open relationships with your staff. Keep lines of communication open by inviting opinions, ideas and feedback. Show you respect them and they’ll respect you and feel comfortable being straightforward with you.

Reward your employees

In addition to recognizing achievements and milestones, thank and praise your employees—both publicly and in private—in promoting a positive company culture. Empower them to continue spreading the mission and establishing beneficial traditions. Keep them motivated and productive!

Encourage healthy lifestyles

Help your employees lower stress by encouraging them to live healthy lifestyles, including eating well, sleeping well and exercising. Don’t discourage them from taking a walk outside during the day or a mental health day.

Provide opportunities for social interactions and to rejuvenate during a busy period with a break. There should be space in the office to hang out and connect during challenging times—anything to boost morale and keep your business moving in a positive direction!

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