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Advancing Your Career as a Software Developer


If you want to advance your career as a software developer, you need to work to understand business and figure out how to add value to the business. Aside from mastering your technical skills, you should figure out the business acumen and develop those interpersonal skills. Negotiating and learning to communicate with others will help you get what you deserve.

Master technical skill set

Always be learning! Pick up more languages, find out about new frameworks and study all the latest technologies. Consider specializing in something. Being an expert is really valuable, especially if you can convince others your skills can save them money or generate more income.

Contribute for free

Become active in the software community by attending conferences and happy hours. Participate in online forums, and if you can, publish something for free to get your name out there. Help others when you get the chance in hopes they might someday return the favor. You might even consider launching a side business as an independent contractor.

Broaden your nontechnical skill set

Learn as much as you can about the business side of things, including economics, finance and salesmanship. Learn about project management by seeing a project through from start to finish and participating in each step. If you get the opportunity, try to lead or supervise a project to learn the manager’s perspective.

Enhance your people skills

The only way to get better at communicating with people is to have in-person conversations as much as possible. Yes, email is quick and easy, but important messages can often be lost or misinterpreted in the typewritten word. Ask people upfront about their concerns and have an honest discussion to solve problems together. Always tell the truth and keep calm so you will be taken seriously. And, of course, the more contacts and connections the better, so never shy away from networking opportunities.


Learning to effectively communicate with people about money takes practice and repetition. You must become comfortable talking to the higher-ups and other people who specialize in the business side of things so you can understand their language and the needs of the company. Know how you contribute to the bottom line of your company and make sure you can express that persuasively and professionally. It helps if you know how to cut costs and generate more income for the company! Either increase the sales of existing products or create a new product.

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