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Strategies for Setting Your Business Goals in 2018


It’s critical to set goals at the start of each year, so you can achieve growth and success. Long-term goals help you focus on short-term goals, which help guide your day-to-day activities at every level of your company. By declaring your company’s goals and setting priorities for your team, you unify your employees behind common objectives that keep them moving with a sense of purpose.

Create a Long-Term Business Strategy

By long-term, you should be thinking three to five years out. Long-term goals should be aimed at improving service to customers, improving public perception, making more money, or growing the company. Don’t be afraid to make these goals ambitious and lofty.

Create Short-Term Goals for Each Quarter

Short-term goals can be created and prioritized based on whether or not they get the company closer to its long-term goals. Based on your long-term objectives, the short-term goals must be more specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely. As you plan these goals, get employee feedback. They can help you make sure they’re achievable by the end of the quarter or month, and help you set the figure or value you’re trying to reach. By having them take ownership of the goals, they’re more likely to be engaged and motivated to achieve them.

Prioritize Goals From Most-to-Least Important

Sometimes your goals conflict with one another. Perhaps your team is being pulled in two different directions toward two different goals, quality versus quantity, for example. Do you sacrifice one for the other? Either decision makers will be paralyzed with inaction or they’ll be working with half the necessary effort toward each goal. It’s your job to prioritize the goals, so individuals know which goal they should work towards first.

Setting business goals for the upcoming year is challenging, but it’s an important process to make sure your company is always moving forward. Whether your aim is to improve your product, focus on your public perception, grow your profits, or expand the size and scope of your organization, it’s critical to get everyone in the company to buy in and stay motivated.

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