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Why Pizza Parties Don’t Work: Real Tips For Employee Engagement


As a manager or business owner, how do you reward your employees for a job well done? Let’s face it, a pizza party is a poor reward for hard work. It’s not that your workers don’t enjoy pizza, but with today’s chaotic and challenging business environment, your valued team members deserve a bit more. It’s not just about being kind to your team. Keeping workers happy for maximum employee engagement is vital for a successful business since there is a strong connection between engagement and retention. In this article, we explain why and share employee retention ideas.

Why You Need an Employee Retention Plan

According to Gallup, employee engagement is a measure of your team’s enthusiasm and involvement. What does this mean for your business? Engaged team members lead to an 81% reduction in absenteeism, 23% greater profitability, and 18% less turnover in high-turnover workplaces. However, in the U.S., just 32% of employees are engaged. This means a greater chance that disengaged workers may quit.

How is Employee Engagement Tied to Employee Retention?

There’s a reason why worker disengagement is called “quiet quitting.” They’re still there physically, but not psychologically. This means that they’re doing just enough to get by. Low engagement in 2022 cost the world’s economy $8.8 trillion, while turnover rates have been declining since The Great Resignation of the pandemic years. Employers must continue to take steps to enhance engagement and keep staff from leaving for better opportunities. Employees who are engaged and feel that they make a difference tend to stay longer.    

What are the Main Reasons Employees Quit Their Jobs?

The top reasons for workers quitting are an inflexible schedule, an unsupportive manager, and a feeling of disengagement. They often feel undervalued, stressed out, and don’t have meaningful, challenging work that helps them grow.

What are the Key Pillars of Employee Retention?

For recruitment and retention of top professionals, there are four key strategies: employee well-being, company culture, training and development, and recognition. Communication is also extremely important in keeping your valued employees.

Employee Well-Being

As highlighted during the pandemic, employee well-being is extremely important. In addition to offering flex time or allowing employees to work from home if needed, ensure that your workplace tools make operations easier and not more challenging. Examine your daily workflows, conduct surveys to see how your workers are doing, and pay close attention to employee morale. 

Company Culture

If an employee believes in what their company is doing, they’re less likely to leave. Concentrate on clearly stating the organization’s values and goals. Let workers know the impact their role has on the larger picture. Develop strong internal communication that allows a smooth flow of information between management and employees. Use technology to streamline communication and bring people together. 

Training and Development

Offer advancement opportunities such as training, development, and mentorship. Employees who feel like they have a promising career path are more engaged. Give your staff the ability to explore professional interests and goals. This emphasis on continual learning also makes them more valuable to your organization. 


Whether it’s a bonus, promotion, time off, or even a special award or company-wide email, give outstanding employees recognition for a job well done. Encourage team members to acknowledge each other and share in successes. If you make this a consistent practice, workers will feel more appreciated.  

In addition, keep your team ‘in the loop’ and answer any questions or concerns. Internal communication must be effective and not overwhelming. According to Grammarly’s 2024 State of Business Communication Report, effective communication leads to 58% greater employee satisfaction, 55% increased productivity and confidence, and 48% less stress. Executives report greater client satisfaction, an enhanced business reputation, more successful deals, and cost reductions resulting from effective internal communication.

How do I Build Effective Communication with my Team?

Do you use multiple channels to communicate with team members? Centralize these in one place, such as a communication platform, to prevent information overload. Ensure that the discussion flows in both directions. Invite employee feedback and listen carefully to what they say. If you manage sales representatives, they’ll have valuable information about your company’s process. Open communication is essential for sales team retention.  

Learn How to Support and Retain Your Team

If you’re overwhelmed with how to motivate, engage, and retain your vital team members, consider bringing in a professional to help you create an employment retention strategy. At Culver Careers, we’ll work with your organization to create innovative ways to reward and retain your employees, beyond just compensation. We’re a top-ranked executive recruitment agency that doesn’t just help you hire top professionals—we help you keep them! See what our employee retention services can do for you.

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