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Numbers Mean Something


And we’re pretty proud of some of our recent numbers.

At CulverCareers, we’re one of the highest rated recruiting firms in North America according to Clearly Rated. Which means we’re one of the highest rated recruiting firms in the United States too.

What exactly does that mean?

Let’s break it down.

There are about 16,000 staffing firms in the United States.

There are about 24,000 staffing firms in North America.

How much is 16,000?

It is 44 years’ worth of single days.

It is the number of miles you’d put on your car if you drove from San Diego to New York, then back to San Diego, then back to New York, and then to Washington D.C.

It’s a lot.

How much is 24,000?

It is 65 years’ worth of single days.

It is the number of miles you’d put on your car if you drove from San Diego to New York, then back to San Diego, then back to New York, and then all the way to St. Louis.

It’s a lot.

Here’s what this means for us (and for you, too!)

We are one of the highest rated staffing firms in the United States, and also one of the highest rated in North America.  

Not kidding.  

In the U.S. you would have to use a different staffing firm every day for 44 years straight to find one as highly rated as we are.

Let’s put it another way, just for fun.

Imagine you discover us in San Diego, and you want to find another staffing firm as highly rated as CulverCareers. You decide to get in your car and go for a drive. Every mile you drive, you get on the phone and call another staffing agency.

How far would you have to drive to find a staffing agency as highly rated as CulverCareers? From San Diego…to New York…back to San Diego…back to New York…and then down to Washington D.C. Calling a new agency every. single. mile.

Why are we so highly rated?

First, we go to ridiculous lengths to find you the right talent

The best talent usually already has a job, which is why we target ‘passive’ candidates. We can target very, very specific pools of talent.

Add that to our huge database of active candidates, and you know we’re delivering you the best of the best.

Second, we can trim down your time to hire

You need a top-tier team who can start yesterday. We get it. You’ll see first referrals in 5-10 days. We reduce your average time to hire by 83.3%.

Third, our recruiters have a knack for finding the perfect talent for your team

We think in a past life they may have been treasure hunters. That’s why our retention rate over 6 months is 97.7%. When we pair you with a candidate, we’re confident you’ll both be thrilled but thankful.

Fourth, our recruiters specialize in niche markets

That specialization lets our team provide expertly targeted searches. Whether you’re in ecommerce or social media advertising or you build auto parts, we know your industry like natives.

We’re not creepy, but we know a thing or two about your world.

Fifth, we bring more than 40 years of experience to the table

No cobwebs included – we’re just as fresh now as we were when we started.

Honestly, how many reasons do you need?

If you’re looking to hire top talent, skip the time-intensive search and just go with the multi-award-winning recruiting agency. Your boss will thank you.

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Ty Culver is the Client Development Director of CulverCareers focusing on talent acquisition and workforce solutions with a wide variety of local, national and global clients.

Ty has been working in various aspects of the industry for over 10 years and developed deep expertise in Executive Search, Executive Benefit and Talent Acquisition Programs along the way. He has a range of experience from SMB to Enterprise clients and hyper specific executive searches to high volume recruiting with companies in a dynamic state of flux.

Today, Ty leads a talented team of Talent Acquisition Specialists, Executive Recruiters and Client Success Managers at one of the most respected Recruiting Firms in the Nation, CulverCareers. While leadership is a key aspect of his role, Ty still enjoys working with clients on recruiting strategies, executive benefit solutions and workforce solutions to help clients build a holistic approach to talent acquisition and talent retention.

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