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How to Hire Sales Representatives


Recruiting and hiring sales representatives (reps) takes a very special touch. No matter the condition of the current job market, talented salespeople are always hard to find. If a candidate has good job durations and a strong track record of exceeding sales goals, they will not be on the market for long.

One of the most important factors for hiring sales representatives (reps) is getting them to have faith in your company. When salespeople believe in what they sell, customers can sense their excitement. In the end, customers are more willing to partner with a company that is passionate about its offerings.

As some of the top sales recruiters in the industry, the team at CulverCareers knows what it takes to find sales representatives.

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What is a Sales Representative?

Sales representatives work hands-on with customers on a daily basis. Whether it be inside or outside sales, these individuals handle most tasks related to prospecting and account management. The most successful sales representatives (reps) focus on maintaining current client relationships, while also remaining hungry to find new business. 

Sales reps use a variety of avenues for locating new customers. In some instances, they cold-call potential clients via telephone, email, or door-to-door visits. It’s also common for sales reps to receive warm leads from your marketing team. With the info of potential customers in hand, it is up to the sales rep to convert leads into revenue for your company.

Because most sales reps work for a base salary plus commissions, they are often driven by the opportunity to earn more income by closing more deals.

What are the Ranks of Sales Representatives?

As seen in other types of careers, there are many different ranks for sales representatives (reps).

Entry-Level Sales Rep

Entry-level sales reps are the bottommost type of sales rep jobs. Generally speaking, entry-level sales jobs don’t require any formal experience – candidates just need the willingness to learn. In many situations, entry-level sales jobs are 100% commission-based, so sales reps don’t earn any money unless they close deals.

Inside Sales Rep

With inside sales positions, people work from the office and conduct business development efforts via the phone and email. While a big step above entry-level positions, inside sales reps, are not generally ready to be in the field working on their own.

Territory Sales Rep

Territory sales positions are where salespeople generally make their names. Also known as “outside sales,” in these roles, salespeople travel to visit customers within a specified territory. As these jobs are oftentimes 100% remote, only highly organized, self-starting candidates generally do well.

Senior Sales Rep

In certain companies, sales managers are also referred to as senior sales reps. In these roles, senior sales reps manage sales teams to ensure that they are meeting their targets. As such, senior sales rep positions require both sales skills and the ability to manage people.

What is the Best Way to Hire Sales Reps?

The recruiters at CulverCareers know what it takes to build a winning sales team. To hire salespeople in a competitive market, you need a strong recruiting presence and a streamlined interview process – as well as a competitive pay structure and benefits packages.

Sell Your Company

One of the most important factors for hiring sales representatives (reps) is getting them to believe in your product or service. When salespeople are passionate about what they sell, their attitude is quickly picked up by potential customers. Before you start recruiting your sales team, be sure to understand exactly how to get them excited about your company.  

Create a Competitive Pay Structure

The best salespeople are those who are eager to get out in the field and close deals. Creating a pay structure that gives your sales reps ample support, while also incentivizing them to work harder is always recommended. Additional fringe benefits like paid vacations and 401K plans should always be considered as well.

Work with a Sales Recruiter

Working with a dedicated sales recruiter is one of the best ways to effectively hire sales reps. Since recruitment firms already have pre-established networks of salespeople in key markets, they can make the hiring process both easy and fast. By partnering with a firm like CulverCareers, you will get ahead of the competition in hiring top sales talent.

What is the Best Interview Format for a Sales Representative?

Since sales positions require very specific skill sets, you should only use specific types of interview structures for these roles.

Traditional Interviews

With traditional interview structures, candidates meet one-on-one with hiring managers. To this end, sales rep applicants often get interviewed by sales managers or sales directors. While your HR department will obviously play a role in the hiring process, it’s best to leave interviews up to your sales team because they will be working closely with the candidate. 

Presentation Interviews 

Since sales reps deal directly with your customers, you want to gauge their understanding of your business’s value proposition. A great way to get a glimpse at how a sales rep will perform in the field is through a presentation interview. With this format, you can request that candidates “pitch” you on your own business to gauge the depth of their knowledge and ability to communicate.

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