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In their day-to-day routines, it is all-too-easy easy for employees to feel disengaged. Honestly, it is a very natural thing for people to sometimes feel uninspired with their jobs. Yet, as people spend most of their time at work, this disengagement can get pathological and spread throughout an organization. 

CulverCarees is dedicated to helping our clients monitor their overall employee wellness. In doing so, we have established some helpful techniques that you can employ to better understand employee engagement. Of these tools, employee engagement surveys are an excellent option. 

Employee engagement surveys do more than help you monitor employee morale at your business. In fact, well-crafted surveys can give your organization ideas for developing employee wellness platforms for the future. These useful employee surveys can also help you learn about satisfaction with key components such as benefits packages

What are Good Employee Engagement Questions? 

There is no easy answer to the query: what are good employee engagement questions? While organizations can follow general topic outlines for employee engagement surveys, there is no “blanket question” that will work for all businesses. 

If you are having issues with employee engagement at your operation, your questions will likely be crafted specifically to learn about said problems. To illustrate, perhaps your team is fed up with the harsh communication practices of management. To better understand the severity of this frustration, you will send out a questionnaire dealing specifically with communication. In time, the focus of your questions will change with different needs in the workplace. 

Whatever the focus of your engagement questions may be, the most effective ones will divulge important info about workplace morale. Some examples of employee engagement survey questions are as follows:

  • Does your boss compliment you when you do well at work?
  • Do you feel a strong sense of teamwork in your department?
  • Can you balance your work life with your family life?
  • Does your job offer long-term growth opportunities? 
  • Do you feel stimulated at work? 

Again, the best employee engagement questions should give you a good perspective on elements of your operation that need improvement. Of these, fringe benefits are a topic that can cause some issues with employee engagement. 

What Questions Should You Ask Employees About Benefits? 

Traditionally, the topic of employee benefits had only come up at certain times, such as the interview and offer negotiation phases of employee hiring. However, in the modern business world, fringe benefits are becoming increasingly important in gauging employee morale. In fact, many businesses utilize “employee benefits survey questions” specifically to learn about satisfaction with benefits. 

According to the website Barometer, “An employee benefits survey is a questionnaire designed to offer a company feedback on their current benefits program and allow employees to recommend additional benefits.” This feedback can be used to improve standard benefits like medical coverage, or perhaps expand into new offerings such as wellness training. 

Examples of employee benefits survey questions include:

  • Do you feel like your family is taken care of with your current medical coverage?
  • Does your employer show interest in your overall wellness?
  • Are you lacking in mental or physical care? 
  • Do you understand how your benefits program works?
  • Is your boss receptive to discussions about benefits packages? 

Recently, the COVID-19 pandemic brought the topic of employee benefits survey questions to the forefront of conversation. The additional stressors of working from home, along with the many unknowns of the pandemic, rendered many previous employee benefit programs obsolete. Organizations have been forced to quickly pivot and engage their employees with an increased focus on benefits such as mental health and paid leave. 

Employee Benefits Survey Templates

If you are interested in implementing employee engagement surveys at your operation, there are a lot of good resources to choose from. The avenue you choose to follow will depend largely on your business size as well as the overall goals of your employee engagement strategy. 

Many companies choose to utilize employee benefits survey templates for their questionnaire needs. If you are interested in exploring this option, there are a number of companies on the market that offer templates. With some cursory market research, you should be able to find a template to suit your needs. Who knows, you might even find one for free. 

Contact CulverCareers with Questions 

As human resources experts, the team at Culver has years of collective experience with employee engagement topics. We are thrilled to share this hard-won knowledge with our clients so they can keep their employees better engaged, as well more productive. 

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