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Employee Engagement Tools


The modern business world is largely defined by new technologies. This notion includes a mindfulness app on an employee’s phone, as well as HR management software on your computer. These technologies are also used to manage employee engagement and employee benefits.

In conjunction with rapid technological advancements, the business world has shown an increased interest in employee wellness. Even more, business experts have found a direct link between employee engagement and business productivity. The most successful companies today link technology and psychology with the latest trends in human resource management.

Employee engagement tools help companies monitor overall employee wellness. By utilizing technology that keeps employees engaged, they create a work environment that maximizes employee health in conjunction with overall profitability. Similarly, small businesses find great value in the use of employee benefit technologies. Since many small companies do not have dedicated HR departments, management software keeps benefits packages organized.

While employee engagement and employee benefits are two different concepts, they are each entwined with notions of employee wellness and business performance. To help give you a better idea of how benefits tools and engagement tools can better your company, CulverCarers put together this brief guide.

What are Employee Benefits Programs?

The term “employee benefits program” describes the fringe benefits you offer your employees, as well as the systems that are utilized to manage these benefits. These programs vary greatly in their size and scope. However, the goal of all benefits programs is to help recruit and retain good personnel.

The most defining characteristics of employee benefits programs are the benefits themselves. Common benefits include:

  • Health insurance
  • Retirement plans
  • Company cars
  • Meal programs
  • Company computers
  • Paid vacations

Plainly speaking, benefits are the added perks that employees get in addition to their normal salaries. In certain competitive job markets, well-crafted benefits programs can make all the difference in attracting and retaining a winning team.

Employee benefits programs also include the systems that are used to manage said benefits. Most large businesses have dedicated human resources departments that oversee benefits programs. The duties of these HR professionals include benefits package design, education, and monitoring. In smaller companies without HR departments, benefits software is often utilized to manage the programs.

Whether you are using an HR department or software to manage your benefits, it is critical that you regularly evaluate the program. According to the Society for Human Resources Management website, “changes in the business climate, the economy, the regulatory environment and workforce demographics all create dynamics that affect benefits offerings.” If your company falls short on benefits due to any of these dynamics, it will negatively influence employee engagement and overall business productivity.

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How are Benefits Programs Related to Employee Engagement?

Employee benefits programs are related to engagement because well-crafted benefits plans make your team members feel valued. As benefits are paid by employers, going the extra mile to create impactful packages is a great compliment to your team. In the end, your employees will be dedicated to your business if they feel you genuinely care about their wellbeing.

According to Forbes, “employees who think they have a positive work-life balance are more productive and dedicated by 21 percent than those who don’t think so … To gain these benefits, the employer has to offer beneficial work-life services and policies that employees can choose to participate in.” For forward-looking businesses, these “services and policies” are often related to benefits programs that increase employee engagement.

There are several benefits programs that are directly tied to increased engagement. For starters, good health benefits show team members that you are vested in their family’s welfare. Even more, smart businesses also offer such perks as performance bonuses to get people more engaged with their jobs. Finally, such special offerings as gift certificates, vacation incentives, and meal plans will help employees stay more focused at work.

What are Employee Engagement Tools?

New technology has given companies the capabilities to better understand job satisfaction. Today, tech companies work tirelessly to develop apps and software that track employee engagement metrics. This technology also makes their lives easier through increased connectivity. As employee engagement is directly linked to business success, the value of these new employee engagement tools cannot be overstated.

Noteworthy employee engagement tools include:

  • Proofhub: Software that is great for work management and communication.
  • Kudosnow: Employee job recognition software that is great for boosting morale.
  • Zoom: Platform that keeps co-workers and families connected from afar via video.
  • Basecamp: Online project management platform that features interactive to-do lists.

These innovative employee engagement tools help business owners keep track of their employees. Even more, they help team members feel connected to one another as well as the greater organization.

What are Employee Benefits Tools?

Employee benefits tools are technologies and methods that businesses use to develop, monitor, and alter benefits. Generally speaking, the breadth and scope of benefits tools change with the size of an organization, as well as their overall goals for offering benefits.

Because the modern business world is so heavily shaped by new technologies, many benefits tools can be found in the tech world. Of any sized company, small businesses seem to find the greatest value in benefit-focused apps and software. As most small businesses do not have HR departments, software that develops, monitors, and amends benefits is a real boon for business owners.

Leading benefits management technology for small businesses includes:

  • Zenefits: HR management software that is heavily focused on benefits and health plans. 
  • Namely: HR management platform that deals with recruiting, payroll, benefits, and more.
  • Gusto: Benefits & HR management software designed for the small business owner.

If you are interested in implementing benefits technology at your small business, there are many more options available. At Culver, we recommend you take your time to find the platform that best suits your needs.

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Traditionally, the business world has not paid much attention to notions of employee engagement. However, we now see direct correlations between increased business performance and employee engagement.  

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