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Benefits of a Employee Wellness Program


For the longest time, the term “employee wellness” has been an abstract concept that businesses have had trouble relating to their bottom lines. Yet, as we come to better understand how wellness is related to productivity, it has become much clearer that concepts such as mental health directly influence profitability. 

One of the most profound impacts of COVID-19 has been a radical reassessment of our work lives. As companies scrambled to restructure operations during the pandemic, they also had to figure out how to keep employees engaged outside of the office. 

While COVID-19 did its share of damage, it did help us learn what it takes to maintain productive and engaged employees. Today, many businesses are using this knowledge to create effective employee wellness programs that reduce turnover, while also increasing profitability. 

CulverCareers put together this brief exploration for companies who are curious about the benefits of corporate wellness programs. 

Improved Mental Health 

One of the most obvious benefits of employee wellness training is improved mental health. By investing in the mental health of your employees, you prove you are invested in their wellbeing. In turn, this give-and-take creates increased loyalty among team members and reduces turnover. 

Certain businesses now offer mental health as part of their insurance plans. In other cases, organizations provide innovate programs like mindfulness training to help deal with problems like anxiety and depression. 

Better Employee Engagement 

By monitoring employee wellness and keeping team members engaged, you can greatly improve your business’s performance. However, it’s worth noting that employee engagement is an ever-evolving process that works differently in every organization. 

Many companies utilize employee engagement surveys to keep track of morale within their operations. By using specific questions, you learn exactly what steps need to be taken to improve overall employee engagement. With this info in hand, you can craft benefits packages to boost morale. 

Increased Productivity 

Increased productivity is the missing link that bridges the gap between employee wellness and profitability. Simply put, happy employees are more focused at work – they accomplish more tasks in shorter amounts of time. 

Corporate Wellness Magazine reports that employees who focus on self-care can gain “10.3 hours in additional productive time annually.” When added up in a large organization with thousands of employees, these figures can make a substantial difference in the profitability of any business. 

Improved Teamwork  

Improved teamwork is one of the most important benefits of a health and wellness program. By making your employees feel valued, they take more ownership over their jobs and workplace relationships. 

Improved teamwork also pays serious dividends with increased creativity and problem-solving. In essence, when your employees are working together as a unit, they can more easily tackle difficult problems that might otherwise slow them down. 

Boosted Adaptability  

Team members that feel satisfied with their jobs also have better abilities to deal with adversity in the workplace. Especially in times of crisis like COVID-19, the ability to adapt to the changing demands of the workplace often means the difference between staying in business or going under. 

Importantly, a survey by Gallup reports that well-adjusted employees are “45% more likely to report high levels of adaptability in the presence of change.” These are precisely the types of level-headed team members you want on your side when making difficult decisions. 

Reduced Healthcare Costs

By implementing an employee wellness program benefits at your operation, you can actually reduce overall healthcare costs. The popular job board Indeed reports that improvements in overall employee health often leads to a situation where “employees are less likely to get sick or be injured on the job.” 

In essence, employee wellness is a proactive measure that helps get out ahead of other health issues that often prove much more costly in the long run. By helping employees develop tools to reduce stress, you are also reducing their chances of developing health problems like heart disease. 

Benefits of Wellness Programs from CulverCareers

As leading recruiters and employee retention specialists, the team at CulverCareers sees a direct correlation between employee wellness and profitability. In fact, our Population Health Management, Employee Engagement and Employee Retention consulting services have helped solve funding issues for health and wellness programs across the nation. 

By implementing the correct employee wellness strategy, you can increase payroll tax savings for your business while also increasing take-home pay for employees in the way of added benefits. If you aren’t sure where to begin, speaking with a professional business consulting service like CulverCareers is a great first step. 

It’s also worth noting that employee wellness programs are growing increasingly important in the recruitment world. Especially since COVID-19, many of the best candidates now use wellness programs as important criteria when searching for a new career. 

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