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St. Louis, MO presents unique opportunities when it comes to finding the right marketing talent. To fully utilize this area, Culver has several marketing recruiters working diligently within the Missouri talent pool. 

From Marketing Executives to Data Analysts, Culver has a diverse candidate base to choose from in Missouri. Even more, we specialize in candidates who thrive in local industries, such as manufacturing. 

While talent will always be the primary emphasis for recruiters, we are also experts on the places where we conduct business. We know how important quality of life in a location is for attracting top talent. In following this method, we have gone the extra mile to learn all about the city of St. Louis. 

What is the City of St. Louis Like? 

St. Louis is centrally located in the Midwestern United States. Situated directly on the Mississippi River as it runs between Missouri and Illinois, the city is famously known as the “gateway to the West.” In spending time in the wild sprawls of Missouri and neighboring Kansas, you certainly get the feel for such vastness. 

By far and away, the most famous attraction in the St. Louis area is the Gateway Arch. This famous landmark was built in the 1960s to commemorate the lives of early western pioneers. The arch rises 630 feet in the air and features an amazing elevator ride to the top. The Gateway Arch plaza also has several museums dedicated to the wonders of the West. 

For music fans, the Fabulous Fox Theater is an absolute must-visit. While this world-famous music venue is not the largest around, it is certainly one of the most beautiful. Built-in the 1920s, the Fabulous Fox Theatre is renowned for its ornate decor and breathtaking architecture. Over its 100-year history, the venue has housed countless plays, bands, and events.  

What Sorts of Marketing Jobs can Culver Fill in Missouri? 

The city of St. Louis is home to some major corporations. Some of the primary industries in the area are food and parts manufacturing. Beyond these verticals, Culver has sourced marketing talent for a wide variety of local businesses.  

Some noteworthy companies who call Missouri home include Emerson Electric, Panera Bread, Anheuser Busch, Sarah Lee, and Energizer. Needless to say, these massive companies are major players in the local job market. 

The marketing recruiters at Culver pay careful attention to the new business activity in the area. Over the years, we have sourced professional marketing talent in the following fields:

  • Marketing and advertising agencies
  • Information technology services
  • Financial services
  • Product manufacturing
  • Medical and pharmaceutical
  • Food manufacturing 

Our recruitment specialists can help you locate marketing talent in a variety of capacities. We are comfortable sourcing entry-level marketers, management personnel, as well as accomplished marketing executives. 

Does it Take Long to Fill a Marketing Position with CulverCareers? 

At Culver, we understand how critical it is to get your marketing positions filled in a timely manner. We are committed to having relevant candidate profiles on your desk within 5-7 days of starting a search. Especially looking at C-level positions, our recruiting process is up to 10 times faster than seen with most internal recruiters. 

Once we have provided you with qualified marketing applicants, we will continue to move the search at a speed commensurate to your needs. This is good news for your HR department, as Culver recruiters will do everything we can to move the hiring process along in a timely fashion. 

Beyond candidate sourcing, we can help streamline the screening process by scheduling calls, checking references, coordinating interviews, and negotiating offers. Even more, we will keep marketing candidates engaged as we move them through the screening process. 

Why Should We Use a Recruiting Agency? 

It is important to note, the best recruiters operate as a direct extension of your business. In like fashion, at Culver, we view candidates and clients as strategic partners for our company. All things considered, we gauge the success of our recruiting business on the success of our clients and candidates. 

Our clients appreciate Culver because we lighten their overall workload. Even more, by carefully making placements, we save you from mistakenly hiring the wrong team member. Especially in management, hiring the wrong employee can have negative ripple effects throughout a business. 

It’s worthwhile noting that hiring the wrong person can be an extremely costly and time-consuming affair. In the worst-case scenarios, experts feel that it can cost your business up to $250K to recruit, hire, and train the wrong placements. 

Let CulverCareers Help with Your Marketing Recruiting Needs

As experts on marketing recruiting in St. Louis, CulverCareers is here to help you build a winning team. Not only do we have a network of marketing professionals in Missouri, but we also have an expert understanding of the local industry. 
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