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Hiring in Houston looks a whole lot different than hiring in any other city. That’s why our Houston marketing recruiters are available to provide the local understanding that matters when it comes to finding the right employees. We know your market as well as you do – and understand marketing like your potential candidates do – so you can rest assured that we’ve got the chops to join your staffing team. Marketers especially understand the importance of the local touch – so why not use that to your advantage during the search process?

As the marketing profession continues to grow more complex with advancements in the digital landscape, the talent pool of qualified marketing applicants continues to dwindle. Mainly because marketing success requires both a developed technical acumen as well as expert market awareness.

At Culver, we take great pride in locating difficult-to-find marketing professionals in Texas. Even more, our intimate approach to candidate placement focuses on employee wellness in conjunction with requisite skill sets. As our staffing experts want employees to be fulfilled at work and home, this careful approach to vetting has led us to explore all that Houston has to offer.

What Does Houston Have to Offer?

Whatever your idea of fun, Houston is sure to have something for you. Not only does the area boast a number of championship sports teams, but it also houses world-class restaurants, parks, and museums.

Due to Texas’s close proximity to Mexico, the city boasts a strong Latin influence. This notion is reflected in its amazing Mexican restaurants and local art scene. The area is also home to the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (MFAH), which is regarded as the largest museum of its kind in the southwestern United States.

Those who want to experience everything that the city has to offer should check out the City Pass. With this pass, you can visit the Zoo, NASA Space Center, Aquarium, and the Museum of Natural Science in a single day.

What Types of Jobs Can Our Staffing Specialists Help With?

The diverse skill sets required for success in marketing strengthen the need for additional recruiting help in this field. The recruiters at Culver have the experience and network to locate top talent for employers in Houston.

Our recruiters can fill a variety of jobs:

  • Content Marketers
  • Team Leadership
  • Brand Strategists
  • Creative Talent
  • Analytics Pros
  • Digital Specialists
  • Marketing Executives

The CulverCareers staffing team works in prominent industries of the area. Of these, we can fill marketing positions for oil and gas clients, as well as other industries such as technology, logistics, aerospace, and energy.

How Long Does the Marketing Search Process Take?

One of the primary objectives of Culver is to facilitate the timely placement of difficult-to-find marketing professionals.

Recruiting and staffing experts state that marketing jobs take an average of 50 days to fill. Therefore, without outside help, the time-consuming tasks of advertising jobs, vetting applicants, and interviewing will be a constant hindrance on your schedule.

CulverCareers has mastered the candidate searching and vetting procedures required for quick hires with marketing teams. Our staffing specialists generally present our first applicant profiles within just 5-7 days after beginning a search.

Is it Worth it to Use a Recruiter?

The value of a good marketing program is almost beyond measure. To this end, your marketing department is at the very core of your company—they are responsible for your brand message and public image. These individuals also ensure that your company can be found online. All things considered, it is a wise choice to work with experienced recruiters in locating these critical candidates.

The recruiters at CulverCareers understand the challenges of marketing. We will help employers locate those indispensable team members who can build, as well as sustain, an enduring brand. By letting us take charge of the recruitment process, you can do what you do best: run your business.

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