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The recruiters at CulverCareers are experts on the Chicago, IL job market. Beyond networking extensively with passive marketing professionals in The Windy City, our team has taken the time to assess the quality of life in Chicago. After all, we know that happiness is a critical part of good employee retention rates.

Whether it be the world-famous Lake Shore Drive or the Shedd Aquarium, Chicago has near endless entertainment options. Even more, with so many world-class marketing agencies calling Chicago home, this Midwestern hub has incredible marketing talent.

Because CulverCareers has an established network of talent in the region, we are one of the top marketing recruiting agencies Chicago. Moreover, our approach to recruiting doesn’t stop when we place a candidate – we help with important concepts like employee wellness and retention programs.

What Is There to Do in Chicago?

With outdoor activities, professional sports, amazing restaurants, and incredible music, Chicago has something to do for everyone.

During the summertime, you can ride a ferry down the Chicago River and soak in the famous architecture, or take your whole family to Navy Pier for games and rides.

Chicago has long been a major entertainment hub of the Midwest. For professional sports, the Chicago Bulls are perhaps the most famous basketball team in NBA history. In like fashion, the White Sox and Cubs each draw huge crowds for baseball games each season.

When you’re not at a show or touring the city, be sure to check out the foods that made Chicago famous. Whether it be Chicago-style pizza, Italian Beef sandwiches, or Chicago-style hot dogs, you won’t be disappointed.

What Types of Marketing Roles can Culver Help Fill?

As digital marketing has grown increasingly important in the business world with things like search engine optimization (SEO) and social media, professional marketers need diverse skill-sets to thrive. Luckily, the Chicago region is home to many tech-savvy digital marketing professionals.

The marketing headhunters Chicago at CulverCareers can fill a variety of positions:

  • Social Media Marketers
  • SEO Specialists
  • Brand Strategists
  • Creative Marketers
  • Graphic Designers

Our staffing team works extensively in the Chicago job market. As one of the leading marketing recruiting firms Chicago, CulverCareers is aware of what it takes to attract top talent in this competitive environment.

What are the Major Industries in Chicago?

Centrally located in the Midwestern United States, Chicago is a hub for many major industries. With easy access and transportation in the Great Lakes, railways, and interstates, many large corporations choose to call Chicago home.

Chicago is one of the top manufacturing cities in the nation. Manufacturing companies in Chicago produce such important things as food, plastics, parts, and components. Incredibly, manufacturing jobs make up over 10% of total jobs in northeastern Illinois.

Due to its unique location, Chicago is a major transportation center. With major airports and access to the Great Lakes in Chicago, goods can be shipped anywhere in the world from The Windy City. Whether it be boats, trains, trucks, or planes, Chicago has diverse and robust shipping options.

The healthcare industry also has a major impact on the Chicago job market. Throughout the region, large corporations in health insurance, medical technology, and nursing homes have headquarters in Chicago. Also, Cook County, Illinois is home to an incredible 106 hospitals.

The Value of a Marketing Staffing Agency Chicago

For people that have never worked with a marketing agency, it can be tough to understand the value such partnerships can bring. Especially when it comes to marketing recruiters, finding candidates who will represent your brand professionally and effectively is critical to success.

Because marketers manage important parts of your business like your website, it can be extremely costly to leave marketing positions vacant. To stay ahead of the competition, you must have a consistent marketing presence with a uniform voice.

CulverCareers has the highest Net Promoter Score in the industry for both candidate and client satisfaction. With a 40+ year track record for success, we have the skills and bandwidth to find leading marketing talent in the Chicago area.

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