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Marketing is one of the most important parts of every successful business. From the smallest brick and mortar store to the largest online retailer, everyone needs to market their business in order to be successful and grow. Knowing your market and successfully showcasing your branding to your potential and existing customers is an essential part of business, and you need great marketing executives to know how to execute these tasks.

Beyond needing marketers who are great at what they do, you also need executive leadership within your marketing team. If you have amazing digital marketers, social media gurus, advertisers, branding professionals, and market research experts, but you have no overarching strategy and no leader taking the helm of the marketing ship, these efforts could all be in vain. You need great marketing executives to make sure all of your marketing efforts work smoothly in tandem towards a common goal.

That’s where we come in. CulverCareers’ marketing executive recruiters can help you find the marketing executive or executives your firm needs to take your marketing department to the next level. Whether you are a large, established firm looking for a new Chief Marketing Officer or you are a startup that needs new, up-and-coming marketing leadership to move your business in the right direction, our marketing search firm’s recruitment professionals can match you with the ideal talent for your open marketing leadership position.

Recruiting executives

The art of executive recruitment is quite different from the art of recruiting entry- to mid-level positions. Depending on the size of the firm and the requirements of the position, executive recruitment can often last for many months. Because there are many stakeholders when it comes to executive staffing, the search should take longer than it would for a new account manager. However, at the same time, your firm is in need of marketing leadership now.

If left in the hands of an overworked human resources department, whose members are not accustomed to executive recruitment and do not have the network necessary to quickly execute the process, the search can often end up dragging out much longer than necessary. Oftentimes, everything keeps getting pushed because a company simply isn’t finding the best person for the job, and management knows they need to keep looking for someone else.

This is why partnering with an executive search firm is so essential. You need to work with recruiting professionals who not only know how to recruit executives, but do it all the time. Our marketing executive recruiters are accustomed to filling high-level marketing roles and will save you time and energy, all while finding the absolute best fit for the role and your company.

Recruiting for marketing executives

Marketing executives are a special talent, to say the least. It takes a certain personality and skill set to be great at marketing in the first place, let alone a marketing executive. Marketing executives are not only creative, but they are quite often numbers savvy and great strategic thinkers, as well. To really understand all of the facets of even one area of marketing takes a pretty impressive mind, and marketers often excel across the board.

And of course, leadership is its own talent, as well. A great leader must have a balance of charisma, aptitude, and determination. Not only does a great marketing executive need to understand the strategic, creative, and analytical processes that are a part of marketing, but they must be able to lead people working within the marketing department. Someone who excels at a certain area of marketing might not necessarily excel as a leader. Our recruitment consultants can help you understand how to ask questions throughout the interview process that will separate great marketers from great marketing executives.

There are many leadership roles within marketing, and our marketing recruiters have experience headhunting talent for all of them. Because CulverCareers specializes both in executive recruiting and marketing recruiting, our recruiters intimately understand and have deep networks in both areas, thus making them ideal recruiters for executive marketing talent.

Marketing Leadership Roles

Some of the marketing leadership roles we recruit include:

  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Marketing Director
  • Director of Digital Marketing
  • Director of Strategic Marketing
  • Vice President of Sales and Marketing
  • Senior Vice President of Marketing
  • Media Director
  • Advertising Director
  • Creative Director
Marketing executive recruiting doing a speech

The many facets of marketing

To build a great marketing team and choose the best leadership for it, you must first understand everything it takes to market in today’s competitive economy. Long gone are the days of marketing and advertising being essentially synonymous, and marketing being a relatively straightforward pursuit. There are seemingly endless areas you need to not only understand, but master, to remain competitive today. Our marketing recruiters are familiar with each of the separate disciplines within marketing, and headhunt marketing professionals and leaders for each of them.

Marketing Industries

Key areas of marketing we can help you staff include:

  • Digital marketing
  • Social media
  • Marketing strategy
  • Advertising
  • Branding
  • Market research
  • Executive marketing leadership
Marketing executives

Digital marketing and social media

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to modern marketing is digital and social media. You are on the right track if this is one of the first things that pops into your head, and not alone if you find it somewhat daunting. While today’s youngest marketing executives grew up with digital marketing at the forefront of their minds, if you are not a social media and digital guru, you may need some assistance to catch up with the digital marketing world.

Digital Marketing

Our marketing recruiters understand the importance of digital marketing and maintain an extensive network of professionals in the following positions:

  • Digital Marketing Associate
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Digital Media Specialist
  • Online Marketing Manager
  • Social Media Analyst
  • Social Media Coordinator
  • Social Media Marketing Specialist
Recruiter using cellphone

As we maintain connections with so many professionals across the digital marketing world, we are ready to recruit not only existing marketing executives, but those superstars in the field who are ready to move into a management, lead, or marketing executive position.

Marketing Strategists

One speciality in which we find many budding marketing executives is marketing strategy. Marketing strategists have a mind for the big picture, and are great at developing game plans to help you meet your business’s sales and marketing goals and long-term objectives.

Our network of strategic marketing experts includes active and passive job seekers in positions such as:

  • Strategic Marketing Manager
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Market Research Project Coordinator
  • Media Planner
  • Strategy and Insight Consultant
Marketing executive recruiting team

Marketing executives in these strategic roles are ideal for a transition into more executive roles of marketing management. They are also well suited to become heads of other areas within your larger marketing department. Our marketing recruiters keep a close eye on our budding strategic marketing executives in order to match them with leadership roles.

Advertising and branding

Of course, there are some areas of marketing that withstand the test of time. Advertising and branding are two essential parts of marketing, and our marketing recruiters headhunt for the best advertising and branding professionals out there.

Advertising executives know the importance of incorporating digital marketing into a company’s advertising strategy, but also remain acutely aware of advertising trends across all mediums. For some companies, online marketing is all that matters, but for most, it is still important to have a variety of advertising platforms. Our advertising executives know how to balance digital marketing with more traditional forms of advertising and also stay up to date on new advertising methods.

Branding is one of the most essential parts of marketing, and great branding professionals are strategic masterminds. A firm’s brand is everything when it comes to consumer loyalty, and excellent branding talent is like gold in the marketing world. Our marketing recruiters keep in touch with the top branding talent across the country, and can introduce you to branding masterminds who can strategically skyrocket your business.

Find the best marketing executive talent

Your human resources team could post your marketing executive position on job boards, social media, and your business’s jobs page, and you would certainly get some applicants. But what you’re missing when you do that is the most important part of the pool of marketing talent out there. You’re missing out on passive candidates.

As you might guess, the vast majority of talented marketing executives out there are already employed. Whether they are working full time or freelancing with various marketing agencies or on their own, they are too busy working to actively job hunt. This doesn’t mean that they’re 100% happy where they are, though, or that they’re not interested in new opportunities.

That is the benefit of using an established marketing executive search firm like CulverCareers. Our marketing recruiters maintain extensive networks, and are constantly growing their pool of talent. By maintaining strong ties with marketing executives, as well as other executives and marketing leadership, our recruiters have a strong talent pool to pull from on day 1 of your executive search.

Why CulverCareers?

There are a lot of recruiting firms out there, and you need to make sure you’re choosing the best firm for your marketing executive search. CulverCareers focuses on global sales and marketing talent, and therefore has a great base to start from when it comes to recruiting top marketing executives. Because we also focus on executive recruitment, we understand the specialized steps necessary for this process, and respect the extra time it may take for candidates to be reviewed by your board of directors, along with your executive management team.

CulverCareers isn’t all talk when it comes to our position within the recruiting industry, either. We have numbers to back up all of our claims to fame. We are very proud to boast the highest NPS (net promoter score) in our industry. We receive these high scores from our clients because we represent their brand as employers from start to finish. We practice a holistic approach to attraction and retention, ensuring that we don’t rush the process for the sake of rushing it — our top priority is finding the absolute right match for each and every position.

Some highlights to CulverCareers’ resume:

Let CulverCareers’ team of marketing recruiters help you find the best marketing leadership talent for your firm. Whether you are looking to find a new CMO or you need to build a marketing team from the ground up and need new marketing leadership, we can help you craft the search process from top to bottom. Contact us today and find out how we can help you find the executive marketing professionals you need to move your business forward.

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