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Why Stellar Sales Candidates Elude You—And How to Catch Them


Let’s confront the elephant in the room: Stellar sales candidates are elusive. They’re the unicorns of the corporate world—highly sought after but rarely seen. Many companies invest substantial resources into recruiting and end up settling for candidates who meet just the basic qualifications. The reason isn’t a shortage of talent; it’s an inability to effectively identify and attract it.

The Hidden Dimensions of Sales Skills

If you’ve been skimming résumés based solely on years of experience and formal qualifications, you’re missing out. Top sales candidates excel in soft skills—emotional intelligence, adaptability, and relationship-building capabilities that are rarely explicit on paper.

Key Soft Skills to Look For:

  • Emotional Intelligence: The ability to navigate complex emotional landscapes, both within and outside the organization.
  • Adaptability: Quickly adjusting to new situations and challenges.
  • Relationship Building: An innate ability to establish and maintain strong relationships with clients.

Networking: The Underrated Powerhouse

Traditional recruiting channels are often crowded, and top talent may not even be actively looking. Engage in targeted networking. Utilize industry events, webinars, and specialized LinkedIn groups to get in touch with sales professionals who might not be on the job market but could be swayed by the right opportunity.

Leveraging Internal Assets

Often, companies overlook the talent that’s already within their organization. Employee referral programs are one of the most effective ways to find qualified sales candidates. Offer incentives for your current employees to refer candidates. They have firsthand experience with the work culture and job requirements, making them excellent scouts for new talent.

Incentives for Employee Referrals:

  • Financial rewards
  • Extra paid leave days
  • Gift cards to popular retailers

Personalizing the Recruitment Process

If you’re sending out generic recruitment emails, stop immediately. Personalize your outreach efforts. This doesn’t mean just inserting the candidate’s name into an email template—it means tailoring your approach based on their specific experience, needs, and career goals. Genuine personalization stands out and can be a decisive factor in attracting top sales talent.

Email Outreach Tips:

  • Mention their latest professional achievement
  • Align the job’s benefits with their career goals
  • Use a warm, professional tone

The Compensation Puzzle

Salary isn’t the only factor that appeals to top sales talent, but it’s certainly a big one. Consider implementing performance-based incentives, stock options, or unique benefits that align with the needs and desires of top-tier candidates.

Potential Incentives:

  • Performance-based bonuses
  • Stock options
  • Health and wellness benefits

Invest in Onboarding and Continuous Learning

A detailed, structured onboarding process is invaluable for new hires. Combine this with continuous learning opportunities, such as workshops and mentorship programs, to create a work environment that not only attracts but also retains top talent.

Your Next Step in Catching Top Sales Talent

Attracting stellar sales candidates requires a nuanced approach that extends far beyond the traditional avenues of recruitment. Refine your search metrics, embrace networking, personalize your outreach, and make your compensation package irresistible.

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