Top Trends for Marketers in 2017


The world of marketing is changing rapidly. Since consumers are constantly bombarded with screens and images, marketers need to keep up with the latest technology to seek out their target audience. It’s hard to know what new strategies and automation will come in the future, but it’s important to be prepared!

New platforms

Since most consumers spend so much time on their phones, mobile technology is still the best digital platform. But with new TV brands, such as Apple TV, Chromecast and Roku, emerging all the time, they’re ripe to start receiving notifications by the end of the year. Amazon Echo, Google Home and other in-home assistants are expected to draw the same type of automated components.

Uniform platforms

Google and Apple are working hard to keep their apps and websites as consistent as possible as users move from mobile devices to desktop and laptop computers. As the transitions between devices becomes more and more seamless, so too becomes the transfer between user profiles. Brands will be able to use tools to access all of that valuable consumer data at once, no matter the platform.

Consumer location and send-time data

As mobile devices improve and refine, companies can collect more detailed data on consumer choices and behavior than ever, thus customizing offers to market preferences. With increased popularity of Apple Watches, Fitbits, Jawbones and other fitness devices, brands can target customers based on their specific body-data as it determines where and whether they’re driving, biking or standing. It’s predicted that devices will help marketers master send-time optimization, isolating the best moments to connect with consumers.

Chatbots and AI

New automated tools, such as chatbots, are finding ways for brands to engage customers to find out about preferences and answer customer queries. Expect these tools to become increasingly more refined and effective as they gather and remember even more data on consumer patterns of behavior. Soon chatbots will know your likes, dislikes and needs and use that information to guide your behavior—where to eat, how to travel and where to shop.

Real-world digital experiences

Just as marketers will look to eliminate the deviations across devices and platforms, they’ll also look to minimize the divide between real life and digital life. In other words, digital marketers might initiate contact with consumers based on purchases made in person or on real-time location. Anticipate even more mobile apps to prompt additional digital ads as users visit certain websites.

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