Knowing When It’s Time For a Change


We’ve all had rough days or even weeks at work, but if you can’t remember the last good day you’ve had, it might be time for a change. Ideally, we all want a career that is meaningful, challenging and rewarding in an environment that’s supportive and affirming.

Change can be difficult and intimidating — we can either complain about it, deny that it needs to happen, or we can try and improve it. Here are five signs that it’s time for you to start looking for a new job.

Your Mornings Are Gloomy

You truly have trouble motivating yourself to get to work on time. Instead, you daydream about a different position or a different company culture, and you’re jealous of your friends who are thriving in their careers. In fact, you may even be embarrassed to tell people what you do or where you work.

This anxiety is exacerbated by over-work, having to work on weekends and perhaps stress from quotas that may be unattainable. Maybe you have no work-life balance because you are being forced to bring work home, which is compounding the stress and anxiety.

Your Company and Leadership Are Not Dynamic

Save yourself! There’s a constant exodus of employees and you find yourself at going away parties every week. Maybe they’re victims of firings or downsizings. Are you next? Or maybe they’re leaving by choice because of a toxic environment. Or maybe there’s regular restructuring, and positions are being eliminated constantly. Either way, get out.

You’re Not Feeling Appreciated

The comradery you felt in your team is gone. You are feeling motivated, but leadership is in your way or co-workers demotivate or frustrate you.

You’re Undervalued

Your skills and talents are being wasted. Suddenly, you find yourself being assigned more junior-level tasks. Your ideas are ignored or not taken seriously and you’re growing increasingly bored. You don’t even receive feedback anymore and it’s clear your managers are not engaged with your career development. You’re stagnating, not learning, nor being challenged.

Or perhaps your duties have increased, but your pay hasn’t. The money isn’t enough anymore and you’re not even receiving stock options, professional development, bonuses, or promotions.

You Don’t Believe in the Culture

You don’t like your boss or your co-workers and this negativity is making you constantly stressed. You don’t fit in with the culture and you’re disillusioned with the company. You’re feeling stifled or conflicted by this untrustworthy environment.

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