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The Importance of Population Health Management


Population health management has come about in conjunction with a new awareness among businesspeople that employee wellness is intimately tied to productivity. By putting resources into monitoring the people’s health, employers are able to create benefits packages best suited for their team members’ needs.

Population health management is important because it catches gaps coverage while also putting a greater emphasis on preventative medicine. In turn, this extra emphasis on employee wellness proves to team members you care about their health.

Improving Population Health with Data Analytics 

Modern technology has made population health management programs possible for businesses, hospitals, and governments alike. In fact, because data is used to uncover gaps in coverage, data analytics is at the very root of such programs.

By employing data gathering tactics like employee engagement surveys and health and wellness checks, you can uncover patterns in your organization. With hard data sets that show different health related trends, you can develop actionable plans for improvement and prevention. For example, a high percentage of employees with cholesterol issues would likely prompt a greater emphasis on nutrition and exercise in your benefits package.

Why is Population Health Important? 

Population health matters because it increases employee wellness and morale, while also resulting in greater profits for your organization.

  • Preventative Medicine

Most health benefits plans are designed to treat people in the event that they get sick. However, you will find that spending money on preventative medicine will save you more in the long run. With population health management, you can educate team members about healthy life choices so they can avoid getting sick in the first place.

  • Gaps in Coverage

Studying groups people for population health management purposes is a great time to uncover gaps in coverage. By talking to employees firsthand about places where their coverage seems to be lacking, you can reinforce your benefits package based on real data. For example, if you have found that you have an excessive number of team members suffering from mental health issues, but don’t have mental health coverage, you can rectify the situation.

  • Financial Benefits

The financial benefits of a population health management program are multi-faceted. In the most basic sense, enacting a population health management program at your business will increase your payroll tax savings, while also growing take-home pay for employees in the way of added benefits.

Population health management also saves your company money by reducing overall healthcare costs. When employees have the means to take better care of themselves, it creates an environment where people are less likely to call in sick. When population health management programs are working as they should be, there is a downtick in healthcare costs and an uptick in productivity.

Population Health Management with CulverCareers 

Population health management is an important new movement among human resource departments and medical professionals alike. At CulverCareers, we have seen first-hand how effective population health management programs can benefit organizations.

As a successful recruiting service, we know that employee wellness programs are extremely important for attracting and retaining top talent. In fact, in such a candidate-driven market, well-designed health benefits packages can be all the difference in hiring the caliber talent you need for success.

If you are curious about enacting a  program at your operation, our Employee Engagement and Employee Retention consulting services will provide all the answers you seek.

Questions About the Importance of Population Health?

At CulverCareers, we have seen first-hand how a healthy employee team can positively benefit your bottom line. Contact Us to learn more about why population health matters.

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