How Thank—You Notes Can Work Wonders


Thank-you notes are an important part of the interview process. No, they won’t secure you an offer, but they can help you to differentiate yourself from your competition, or allow you to account for an oddity or blunder during the interview. They can also be the time to expound on something unique that you bring to the table.

Regardless, sending a thoughtful, well-written thank-you note, is a must. It serves the purpose of showing that you are courteous, professional polite and you follow up.

Why a Thank-You note

A thank you note will enhance your interaction with the interviewers and get your name in front of them again. Even if they don’t hire you for this particular position, by showing them this professional courtesy, they might remember you for another position later, especially if they know you’re sincere about your interest in the company.

It also gives you the opportunity to mention anything you forgot to say during the interview and apologize for any awkward moments. Perhaps you asked one too many follow-up questions and caused the interview to run over the allotted time. Acknowledge and recognize how patient and gracious they were, to thoroughly address them.

What Format to Use

Thank-you emails are sufficient, particularly if the position you’re applying for requires email prowess or if the majority of communication between you and the company has been email already. A handwritten note is better for a more formal or traditional organization such as a law firm. If you’re trying to show off your word processing skills, it might be best to type, print, and mail a thank-you note.

Make Sure You Do…

Reiterate what the employee liked about you. Mention what you wish you had said. Try to reassure them if they had any concerns or reservations about your skills. Send the note within 24 to 48 hours of the interview. Keep it short and don’t forget to proofread!

Make Sure You Don’t

Don’t forget anyone; you never know whose opinion weighs most heavily in this process, so you can’t risk offending anyone.

Do not hand the interviewer a sealed note as the interview is wrapping up. You want to show that you went home and reflected on the meeting so they know your sentiments are sincere.

There are surely employers who don’t value a thank you note, but there are also plenty of employers who do and who have been swayed to hire someone because of one. Since you don’t know who you’re dealing with, you might as well send one. For more information about how to handle an interview, contact us today!


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