How to be a Successful Medical Sales Rep


Medical sales is a competitive field, not only to obtain a job, but also to perform well and make the sale. And since these are generally high-salaried positions, the stakes for success are high, so you need to focus your efforts on knowing your product and developing your sales skills.

Medical and product knowledge

Just because you have great sales skills, doesn’t mean you can sell just anything. You need to have an intimate knowledge of whatever medical device you’re selling and the relevant body parts and anatomical systems. Understand the pros and cons, and how it works. You’ll be the one to give instructions to the medical professionals. as well as answer any questions they might have, so you need to be an expert!

Communication skills

Communication is a critical skill in any type of sales job. Remember, there are two parts to communication: speaking and listening! Yes, you have to speak to push your product, but you also have to listen carefully and understand your client’s needs in order to earn their trust and their business. You’re more likely to get referrals from them when they feel they have a positive relationship with you.

Be available

Make yourself easy to work with by being available early in the morning or later in the evening, whenever medical staff is willing to meet with you. They have busy schedules too! Be prepared, making sure the supplies your clients need are always in stock. And be responsive, answering questions and concerns as soon as possible.

Sales skills

If you’re already experienced in sales, you probably already understand that high-priced items require aggressive sales techniques, and you might only sell to each customer once or twice. If you’re selling to the same groups regularly, you can be less aggressive, but you need to take care of the customer relationship. It’s best to keep yourself fresh on a variety of different sales techniques so you’re always prepared for anything.

Remember the patients

Of course, the well-being of the patient must always be the primary concern of any medical device sales rep—don’t get so caught up in making the sale or in showing off the impressive groundbreaking technology of your product you forget that! Doctors and medical staff will remember your kindness and attentiveness.

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