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Six Common Challenges That Sales Leaders Face

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As the person who must motivate a sales team while considering the goals of the company and the needs of customers, The VP of sales and other sales leaders face unique challenges. By finding unique solutions to these challenges, sales experts can lead their team to great success, both on an individual level and to further the company’s aspirations.

What does a VP of sales do?

A vice president of sales leads the department and manages all sales operations. They develop strategies, train sales representatives, and set sales goals. They must have strong leadership, sales, and analytical skills, and understand market trends.

Top Six Challenges of Sales Leaders—and Solutions

Whether in a small business or as the head of a large corporation’s sales department, a VP of sales has many leadership hurdles to navigate to achieve success. 

1. Finding the right people

To help find skilled sales representatives who can connect with customers and sell your company’s products and services, first identify all the required hard and soft skills. Provide them with the information they need to succeed, monitor their performance, and offer feedback.

2. Keeping the team motivated

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. What motivates one sales rep won’t necessarily work for another. You must get to know every member of your team to understand what each person values and what they need to perform at their highest level. 

3. Optimizing team performance

Mentoring and coaching, both one-on-one and in groups, can be very helpful. When training your staff, encourage independence, set a good example, and provide effective training. Assess their progress and give them the encouragement to improve.

4. Closing the competence gap between existing and required talent

Required sales skills and competencies change as the business environment evolves. Work with a recruitment agency that can help fill skill gaps. Important competencies include business savvy, digital skills, analytical thinking, the ability to communicate value to a prospective customer, and a customer-centric sales approach.   

5. Aligning with the marketing department

Marketing and sales departments often operate as “silos,” making success difficult. To bring the teams together, a sales manager should schedule meetings with their company’s marketing department. Collaborating on cohesive strategies together and giving each team member clear tasks can result in a consistent pipeline of top-quality leads to streamline the sales process.  

6. Reversing high employee turnover and lower production

One of the most difficult leadership roadblocks is how to retain top sales performers. To achieve this, create a business environment that encourages success. A high-performance sales culture focuses on transparency, friendly competition, and a shared company vision. A good sales leader creates a positive culture in which team members can succeed. 

How to Overcome Challenges in Sales?

For greater efficiency, use automated sales tools. Find qualified leads by first building buyer profiles. Adjust to longer sales cycles with an email campaign to nurture leads. Create trust with customers to boost credibility. 

Most importantly, hire professionals who can take your sales team to the next level. Sales Recruiters: The Game Changers in Business Hiring

How to Recruit Leaders in Sales?

To find exceptional sales leaders while saving time and money, partner with an expert recruiting firm. A professional sales recruiter can provide specialized industry knowledge to address specific obstacles and challenges that your business faces.

Use these tips to source and hire top-tier sales professionals for your team:

  • Define the role – what does your business need?
  • Create an exciting, comprehensive job description.
  • Find the best offline and online networks to source sales talent.
  • Screen, evaluate, and assess candidates’ skills and experience.
  • Learn about the person’s motivation and personality with well-crafted interview questions.

Overcoming Sales Challenges

A recruiting firm can help companies that have sales leaders facing challenges. They do this by streamlining the hiring process and providing them with highly skilled, pre-vetted candidates who are aligned with the company’s vision.

Culver Careers takes the time to learn about your company, your industry, and your sales challenges. We’ll help you create a comprehensive job description and find the best candidates for your organization through our extensive network of sales professionals. Our rigorous vetting process ensures you get the sales expert with the skills and experience you need. 

Take the next step in overcoming your sales leadership challenges by partnering with our industry sales recruiting experts to find the talent your company needs to succeed. 

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