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How to Retain Your New Employees


Employee retention is important. It says a lot about the health of your company. Losing a key employee costs your company money and time. But if you can retain your best employees, you can focus on selling your product, satisfying your customers and growing toward your long-term goals. Here are five ways you can make sure your new hires are happy.

Check in early and frequently

Many people who quit within their first month because they were never properly onboarded. Their fantasy of their new job doesn’t match the reality. Check in weekly with new hires to see how they’re settling in. They should meet with their manager one on one, have a clear grasp of policies and procedures, and be equipped with everything they need to be successful.

Check in weekly for the first several months, then quarterly for the first year. Eventually the more straightforward questions will evolve into long-term goal setting. Be sure new hires are adopting the company’s core values from day one.

Promote your company’s culture

Employees who buy into the company culture are more loyal and engaged. Clearly communicate your values to your employees and make sure your policies reflect those values.

Communicate effectively

Poor communication can lead to misunderstandings, distrust and poor performance. Employees need to know what’s expected of them and how their personal goals contribute to the company’s goals. Be upfront about earning potential and provide frequent feedback on performance. Give new hires the chance to share their voice and opinions as well.

Train and develop

Employees want to know they’re valued and their efforts are recognized. Thank your employees regularly. Consider offering monetary rewards, bonuses, raises and gifts. Help your staff develop skills and knowledge they can use as they grow in their careers and move up in your company. Consider professional development classes, job shadowing, leadership training programs and mentoring. The more you invest in your employees, the more committed they’ll be to the company.

Value employee feedback

Collecting feedback from your new hires is important and of course you should continue doing so for more seasoned employees as well. Solicit questions and concerns at regular staff meetings, provide an employee suggestion program and gather satisfaction surveys. Letting your staff know how valued they are boosts morale and makes company culture more appealing to new hires.

Survey data helps you figure out why people are leaving so you can examine those issues and be proactive when you sense a new hire is thinking of leaving. Surveys can also help you see trends in what types of people are likely to stay long term and seek those traits out as you hire.

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