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Considering Relocating for a Job? Answer These Questions First


Whether or not to relocate is a stressful, life-changing decision full of many unknown variables. Not only will you be uprooting yourself, you’ll be affecting the trajectory of your career and the lives of your family and friends.

Will I love my new job?

Try to determine whether this position is a step up. Will you be able to learn and grow and continue moving your career forward? Is the company healthy and does it have a sustainable future? If the company isn’t financially stable, you find yourself looking for work again soon in an unfamiliar area.

Figure out what else you need to know about the new job before you make your decision. Spend time getting to know your new boss and colleagues—can you work with them? And learn from them?

Will my career suffer if I turn down this new job?

What’s customary in your company? Some companies require employees to work in various assignments in different cities before being offered a promotion. So, if you decline the relocation, you might be resigning yourself to a lifetime in your current position.

Where will I live?

Should you rent or buy? Will your company provide temporary housing? Moving is expensive, sometimes thousands of dollars—will your new company pay for relocation? What is there to do in the new city besides work?

What’s the cost of living in the new city?

Research the cost to buy and rent housing, property takes, sales taxes, and state and local income taxes. Are they greater or less than what you’re paying now? How will your new salary cover these new expenses? Can you afford to live in the new city and still save money?

Will my family and I be happy?

This is a personal and emotional issue, but it shouldn’t be underestimated. You’ll be leaving behind friends, family, colleagues, habits and hobbies. Will your new city offer similar opportunities? Is the culture of the new city a good match for you and your family? Will you make friends easily? If you have kids, learn whether the school system has a good reputation. What is the neighborhood like? The weather? Is your significant other on board and where will they work?

Also, consider whether you adjust well to change or whether routines and old habits are important to you.

What are the pros and cons of moving?

A higher salary can be really appealing, but only you can determine whether your quality of life will improve or whether the career benefits are worth the risk of uncertainty. If your family is unhappy or it means leaving behind loved ones, you might find the increased money isn’t worth it. If you’re comfortable in your current job and lifestyle, you need to seriously weigh whether you can handle the challenges and ups and downs of moving and changing everything about your life.

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