How to Show Off Your Management Skills in Your Resume


When applying for a management position, it’s important your resume demonstrates your management skills and experience. You’ll want to include your management philosophy and examples of accomplishments to show you’re capable of leading, motivating, and organizing. Here are four ways to show off your management skills on your resume.

Use action verbs

It’s not enough to simply list your management skills as adjectives. Instead, flood your resume with strong action verbs to showcase how your efforts motivated your team to accomplish the goals of the company. Consider verbs such as initiated, directed, innovated, originated, guided, coached, organized, administered, supervised, developed, inspired, motivated, established, dominated, achieved, influenced, planned and forecast. Use these verbs to show the story of your career thus far, not tell.

Employ numbers

By listing specific numbers and data in your resume, you can illustrate the impact of your efforts and management skills. For each bullet point, list a certain valued management skill; then define it in precise, definitive terms. For example, describe how many people you trained or how large a budget you managed. Numbers make your responsibilities more clear-cut and help hiring managers put your accomplishments into perspective.

Talk about the success of your whole team

You can show you’re an excellent manager if you can discuss the achievements of your team, instead of you specifically. Talk about the size of your team, how your team functioned together, and how their performance improved as a result of your guidance. Perhaps they increased revenue, lowered your overhead or found a way to meet a tight deadline. Show the team’s success was a result of your ability to inspire, train, delegate and make decisions. Be specific! What did your team achieve and what did you do to get them there?

Show your commitment to growing as a manager

Aside from offering specific instances where you demonstrated leadership and oversight to your team, also list seminars, workshops or other leadership trainings you’ve participated in. List any professional groups you’re a member of that relate to your industry, and be sure to include any workshop sessions or in-house trainings you’ve led or coached.

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