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How to Make Your Competitors Cry with the Best Marketing Hires

Marketing Recruiting

Whether it be creative teams devising your brand message or digital marketers managing complex email campaigns, marketing people have wide-ranging and diverse jobs. If you’re looking to boost your marketing team with a new hire, it’s important that you are looking in the right place for these important candidates.

Regardless of your industry, a good marketing team will help you gain an edge over your competitors. From a better web presence to a more professional look, marketers directly control how your company is perceived among potential customers. In turn, these customers have the buying power to support your company, while walking away from your competitors.

CulverCareers wanted to walk you through this brief exploration of how to implement effective marketing recruitment and standout in your field.

What Strategies Can Businesses Employ for Hiring Marketing Professionals?

To feel the full impact of great marketing hires, you need to start by reassessing your recruitment process.

Understand Marketing Jobs

Marketing is a diverse field that demands a wide range of different skill sets. Before you set out in the field and start sourcing candidates, be sure you have a clear understanding of your specific marketing needs. To illustrate, a social media manager has drastically different qualifications than a creative director. Knowing what you are looking for enables you to conduct much more targeted searches.

Find Talent in the Right Places

Since marketing is such a vast discipline, you need to look in the right places to find the most qualified candidates. For example, you need to hire a graphic designer, you can look on websites like Dribble to view people’s project portfolios directly. Similarly, if you need someone with specific technical knowledge like Google Analytics, keyword searches on job boards like Indeed and Monster can prove quite effective.

Source Through Multiple Channels 

In order to cast as wide of a net as possible, you should utilize multiple sourcing channels for finding marketing talent. Today’s best marketing recruiters retain a strong presence on networking sites like LinkedIn, while also attending in-person events such as tradeshows. Using assorted channels gives you access to a diverse talent pool to fill even the most difficult marketing positions.

Establish Relationships with Marketers

Even though you might not be hiring marketing professionals right now, it’s always recommended to build and maintain relationships with top candidates. If you become acquaintances or friends, you can learn about their character, passions, and work ethic. When the time finally comes to make a hire for your marketing department, there is a chance you might already have a good candidate lined-up for the position.

Conduct Thorough Interviews

Regardless of the job in question, interviews play a vital role in evaluating a candidate’s experience and personality. Structured interview questions can teach you a lot about a candidate, while also giving you objective points for comparing different applicants. Even more, involving multiple decision-makers in the interview process will allow you to gather diverse perspectives on potential hires.

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