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How To Create Meaningful Client Experiences

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Businesses place a lot of importance on customer experience (CX) and recent statistics clearly show why. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), 73% of customers say that the company’s CX strongly influences their buying decisions. A Forbes survey found that the top factor affecting customer success and brand loyalty is customer service. Zippia reports that the organizations that focus on CX see an 80% increase in business revenue. But how can you create meaningful experiences to retain customers?

Creating Customer Loyalty Through Excellent Customer Experience

Why is customer experience important? It’s a prospective customer’s first impression upon “meeting” your company. If their experience is poor, you might lose them. A survey showed that 64% of consumers switched to a competitor after a bad customer experience.

Today, many factors go into designing a satisfying experience for your customers. In the age of hyper-personalization in marketing, sophisticated chatbots, and omnichannel communications, consumers expect a lot from the companies they do business with. 

Supercharge your customer success strategy by providing:

  1. Personalized marketing and website content based on customers’ previous purchases and preferences.
  2. A central database for all customer data, so they don’t have to keep repeating themselves to different representatives. 
  3. An easy-to-access channel for customer feedback, so that your company can continue to improve.
  4. Omnichannel communications that seamlessly move between devices and platforms, so that customers have a consistent buying journey.
  5. Natural language processing that can interpret text messages and forward them to the appropriate department.
  6. AI-enabled chatbots that can quickly respond to simple questions and requests.
  7. Human customer service representatives who can take over from the chatbot for more complex inquiries and deliver the all-important ‘human touch.’

This last tip is extremely important. While companies have been quick to implement chatbots into their customer service departments, with nearly half of support teams using AI, a recent report found that customers are a little less enthusiastic. A Cogito survey found that more than half of consumers preferred to speak to a live agent for more complicated customer service issues. Savvy businesses realize the importance of using both technology and customer service professionals.

What is a Customer Service Representative?

A customer service rep plays an important role in an organization, by directly helping customers to answer questions, process orders, provide support after a sale, and resolve complaints. They also send customers to the right department, manage accounts, and address billing concerns. A customer service specialist might also sell the company’s products and services, handle returns and exchanges, track orders, process payments, and keep records of customer interactions.

What Makes a Great Customer Service Representative?

Customer service reps must be extremely knowledgeable about the company’s business and its products and services. They must have superior problem-solving skills, be excellent communicators, have a friendly attitude, and have a great deal of patience and empathy.

Your company’s customer service reps must be highly professional and be able to discreetly “sell” your business, even though they’re not in sales, without being pushy. They may be the first point of contact for a prospective customer, so this ability to delicately promote your business is a special skill that can greatly benefit your bottom line. 

A customer service rep must also be an expert time manager, listen carefully to the customer’s concerns, always be upbeat, and be willing to go “above and beyond” to satisfy the customer. These many qualifications are far beyond the capabilities of your AI chatbot!

Finding the right Customer Service Representative is crucial for your business. 

Hire a Highly Skilled Customer Service Specialist

By now you know how essential it is to provide an exceptional customer experience, and how a customer service expert can enhance your company’s CX for both existing and prospective customers. Having a friendly, professional, and caring representative for your business goes a long way toward customer success. It’s important to find the right person for your organization, and for this, you need top-performing customer success recruiters.

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