Why You Can’t Afford to Wait When You Find the Right Candidate


Hiring and retaining the best people is one of the hardest parts of running a business. And hiring the wrong people can be a very costly mistake. There are all kinds of questions to consider when you find a great candidate, from expenses to the morale of other employees. “What if we can’t afford their salary requirements?” “What if they’re not competent?” “What if they end up having a toxic personality that poisons the rest of the staff?”

While you never want to rush the hiring process or feel like you’re scrambling to make it all work out, if they’re truly a great candidate, you need to make them an offer.

If you’re sure…

When you whittle down a list of candidates and bring back a select few for second and third-round interviews, clearly something about those people has stood out to you. Qualifications on their resumes, character and interpersonal skills were admirable, and they had great chemistry that seemed to energize the interview staff. These intangible skills seem like enough to power your business and help it grow. What more do you need to see?

If you find these qualities to be rare, it might be a good idea to always be looking. Instead of trying to scramble to make a hire after you realize you’re desperate for someone, keep a list of people you encounter — waiters, baristas, babysitters — who stand out to you for their competence, problem-solving, or interpersonal chemistry. Next time you have a position to fill, consult your running list.

A long hiring process can be a turnoff

If you drag your feet to hire a great candidate, chances are that they’ll get snatched up by another company while you continue deliberating and pondering. If they don’t they might be turned off by such a long operation, assume your decision-making process is always this long and cumbersome, and turn you down when you do finally make an offer. Instead, limit your interview process to two to four people, and show that you’re swift, confident and decisive!

Don’t burden your staff

While you keep looking and waiting for the perfect resume to magically drop into your inbox, the rest of your staff is feeling burdened by the overwhelming amount of slack they’re having to pick up on a daily basis. They’re anxious for you to hire someone who will relieve them. If you take your time, they will get increasingly frustrated and restless.

Your business is ready to grow!

If you’re hesitating because you doubt you can afford it, consider whether this person will help grow your business. Can you sacrifice temporarily and trim your own expenses to justify their new salary? Or you can you structure a commission-only salary for the first few months?

Be creative here: If you don’t hire them, your business might flat-line, but it will never grow to its full potential.

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