3 Different Interviewers You’ll Encounter


You finally got the big interview at the company of your dreams! All your hard work has led to this moment As you get ready for the big day, your chance to really “wow” your potential employer, there’s so much preparation you can do in advance. You can plan your outfit, rehearse your answers, research the company, arrive on time and eat the right breakfast.

But there’s one thing that’s totally out of your control, and that’s WHO is interviewing you. Although you may know the title of the person asking the questions, you probably will know little else ahead of time. You can’t account for that person’s personality or the circumstances of that person’s day.

Regardless of who you’re matched with, it’s still your job to sell yourself — your achievements and your attributes. If you can establish a rapport, you’ll have a much easier time. Here are three types of interviewers you might encounter and how to respond to each one.

Checklist HR Person

This is typical in large corporations where you’ll encounter someone from the HR department. This type of interview is usually very formal. You’ll be asked a list of carefully devised questions that have been generated by an HR team in advance. The interviewer will rarely detour from the list and will not add any of their own follow-up questions.

Your interviewer will meticulously transcribe all of your answers to later compare with the answers of all the other candidates. The key here is to use a lot of buzzwords and phrases that you know the company wants to hear, such as “teamwork” and “initiative.” You can gather a list of these words from the company’s website or from the job posting itself.

The Monologist

With some interviewers, you might find that they end up talking more than you do. The key is never to interrupt them, even if they’ve done so to you. Flatter them as much as possible and make them feel great about themselves. Emphasize the skills and experiences on your resume that support what they’re saying about themselves and the company.

Hard to Impress

This interviewer will ask tough questions, respond with long pauses after your answers, and never reward any of your stories with enthusiasm. They want to make you uncomfortable and give you the chance to ramble.

Never get annoyed or show your frustration. Answer the questions succinctly and keep playing up yourself. Show that you’re confident and an effective member of a team.

No matter who you’re across from on that big day, control what you can control. Focus on showcasing yourself and your accomplishments. Use appropriate catchphrases and match the interviewer’s vernacular and tone without letting your guard down. Regain control at the end by asking concrete, aggressive questions.

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